New Celtra Study Reveals Mobile Rich Media Ads and Social Networks Are a Winning Combination for Consumer Engagement

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Are mobile rich media ads a good fit for social media advertising? Celtra Inc., the industry leader for rich media mobile ad serving and analytics, recently conducted a study that compared the performance of rich media ads running on mobile publishers and social media networks (Facebook and Twitter).

The study analyzed 32 different mobile rich media campaigns with the same or highly comparable creatives trafficked simultaneously to both, mobile publishers and social networks, and focused on ad engagement metrics, such as ad engagement rate, ad engagement time, and various feature engagement metrics.

While the ads performed well across the board, social media networks proved to be a more engaging environment, rendering up to four times higher ad engagement rates and more than ten times higher ad content consumption. On the other hand, specific features, such as location based features, performed significantly better when trafficked to mobile publishers.

“When it comes to engagement with mobile rich media ads, social media networks definitely have an upper hand,” said Matevz Klanjsek, Celtra Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. “This is largely due to the native nature of their advertising products where ad experiences organically become a part of the conversation.”

Some remarkable findings of the study include:

Social rich media ads have:

  • four times higher ad engagement rate
  • sixteen times higher ad journey completion rate
  • two times longer ad engagement time
  • three times higher video play rate
  • four times higher social media share rate

Standard rich media ads have:

  • five times higher engagement rate with location-based features
  • slightly higher engagement rate with galleries and presentation features

Klanjsek added, “However, that doesn’t mean that social media is necessarily always a better place for mobile advertising — certain ad experiences, such as the ones using location-based features, will still perform better as standard rich media ads. This study shows above all the power of native mobile ad experiences and the value they can deliver for advertisers.”

To learn more about Celtra’s Social Rich Media study, take a look at the infographic or visit Celtra’s blog.

About Celtra Inc.
Celtra Inc. is the global leader for rich media mobile ad serving and analytics. Celtra’s AdCreator 3 platform, which is used by world’s leading agencies, publishers and networks in more than 18 countries, provides robust mobile ad creation tools, quality ad serving across a global network of publishers, and detailed campaign analysis. For more information, visit Celtra at or @CeltraMobile on Twitter.

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