GoldSpot Media Launches SmartVue™: Cost-Per-Engagement Rich Media

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – GoldSpot Media, the leading multiscreen rich media and video advertising platform, launched the industry’s first multiscreen Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE) ad unit. SmartVue™ is a responsive, viewability-assured ad unit that delivers consistent engagement and measurements across all digital screens.

CPE rich media advertising is challenging to implement consistently across digital screens due to the difference between touch ad experiences on mobile and tablet, and hover-based desktop ad experiences. Goldspot Media’s SmartVue™ overcomes device specific features such as hover, touch, swipe, etc. to present a consistent way for the brand marketer to engage and measure rich media on a CPE model across all digital screens.

SmartVue™ takes into account ad viewability, device resolutions, and ad rotation before engaging the digital consumer. Starting in the banner space as a 3D multi-panel rotating ad unit, SmartVue™ enables the brand to tell their story before a tap or click. On the last face of ad rotation, and only if the entire ad is viewable by the user, the ad auto-expands to a rich media or video expandable. If the ad is not fully viewable by the user, ad rotation stops and engagement expansion is not triggered.

“Ad placement dictates when and where the ad is viewable on a site or app, leading to ad industry’s problem of wasted and unseen, but billable impressions. Brand advertisers rightfully demand more accountability than mere CTR (Click Through Rates) for digital rich media advertising,” said Srini Dharmaji, Founder & CEO of GoldSpot Media. “SmartVue makes brand marketing smarter, accountable and cost efficient. Advertisers pay only for engagement, when the ad expands.”

With SmartVue™, brand marketers now have a new option to create an emotional brand connection with the digital consumer, assurance that the user has seen their entire creative, and ultimately, produced high-impact user engagement.

Goldspot Media demoed SmartVue on display on June 11-12th at the MultiScreen Summit in New York City.

About GoldSpot Media, Inc.

GoldSpot Media is the digital ad management platform to create, traffic and measure rich media campaigns simultaneously on all screens – online, smartphones and tablets. GoldSpot helps advertisers deliver a consistent and rich ad experience across every digital screen through 3D, motion, video and animation, while optimizing the campaign in real time across the best performing screens to maximize brand recall, conversions and engagement.
A privately held and venture-backed company, GoldSpot Media is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., with offices in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Japan, and India. For more information, visit