Attention Metrics Available Across All of Vibrant Media’s Ad Formats

Traffic driving formats report on attention and engagement metrics too

Brands and media agencies can now access attention and engagement data for all digital ad formats and campaigns running with Vibrant Media – even if the campaign objectives are focused on traffic driving. Advertisers can compare their campaign’s performance across Vibrant Media’s formats, their competitors in their own sector and the digital industry as a whole.

Vibrant Media, the original native advertising company, has been selling numerous formats on a cost-per-engagement and attention basis for over five years – including Mosaic, Lightbox, Storyboard, Amplify and video enabled In-View formats. However, traffic driving remains Vibrant Media’s primary business, accounting for 54 per cent of Vibrant Media’s annual revenue globally. The step to providing attention and engagement metrics across all campaigns and formats – including those focused on traffic driving using Vibrant’s In-Text, In-Image or the traffic focused formats within the In-View range – demonstrates Vibrant Media’s early adoption and commitment to attention as an emerging currency for all digital advertising.

Vibrant Media’s consumer-centric ad strategy means that the ad campaigns they run surpass industry benchmarks for attention, interaction and viewability. Vibrant places triggers for engaging, relevant brand experiences natively within contextually relevant editorial content. They also empower consumers by giving them clear signals when content is sponsored and the ability to choose whether or not to launch an ad. These tactics deliver impressive viewability, interaction and attention quality results which benefit their advertisers and media agencies but, most importantly, end users.

Greg Rivera, Vibrant Media’s Vice President of Sales for the East Coast said, “We’ve conducted lots of research into the power of cost-per-engagement ads and they clearly move every single KPI from awareness to favorability and consideration. The industry only measures awareness with traffic driving CPM ads, but awareness of the brand being present on the page does not mean someone actively paid attention. An ad doesn’t have to last for long to get someone’s attention. Hence applying attention metrics only to Vibrant’s engagement-focused formats – the ones that include videos, games, articles, picture galleries and access to brands’ social media profiles – does not do justice to the attention that consumers pay to their traffic driving formats. Now Vibrant’s brand, agency and publisher clients can measure how attentive consumers are to their messages and ad creative, regardless of the format, and confidently compare their campaign performance with competitors and the digital industry as a whole.”

“Viewability is crucial, but ads must not only be seen, they must capture attention and encourage consumers to spend time delving into the content to discover more about the brand. Such ads are key to fulfilling brands’ aims to establish in-depth relationships of trust and loyalty with consumers. Human interaction and attention metrics give a truer picture of an ad campaign’s performance and its contribution to relationship building. Media buyers need to start using these crucial metrics – but not just for reporting. Vibrant is now one of just a handful of companies that enables advertisers to buy campaigns based on attention, engagement and viewability results, as well as clicks.”

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