Adquant Aims to Redefine Social Advertising through Holistic Optimization

Leading Facebook Marketing Developer Adotomi Rebrands Technology Offering

TEL AVIV, Israel – Adotomi, one of the first Preferred Marketing Developers (PMD) for Facebook, has announced the rebranding of its next generation social advertising technology.

“With Adquant, we were equipped from day one with all the tools necessary to run our large scale Facebook campaigns”

Adotomi has been a successful social media advertising agency since its inception in 2007 and the technology, which will be marketed under a company named Adquant, was originally developed as the agency’s internal Facebook platform. Moving forward, Adquant’s primary focus will be advancing and promoting this technology platform based on the concept of “Holistic Optimization” which automates workflows and improves performance of large scale social advertising campaigns.

“Adquant will continue to provide marketers with a management platform that executes sophisticated and integrated social advertising campaigns,” said Adotomi CEO Joe McCormack. “The Adquant approach remains the same–simple workflows, cutting-edge campaigns, and much better results for our clients.”

McCormack said Holistic Optimization is an approach to social advertising that applies algorithmic automation to the workflow and optimization algorithms to the full set of social campaign elements that goes beyond bid management and includes targeting, landing pages, budgets, and creatives.

“With Adquant, we were equipped from day one with all the tools necessary to run our large scale Facebook campaigns,” said Elchai Granot, User Acquisition at Playtika. “And we like the technology because it flat out performs. Adquant has helped us reach new peaks in both ROI and volume.”

About Adquant:

Adquant is a social advertising software company focused on delivering the best-of-breed social advertising platform. Developed as the internal Facebook platform for the Adotomi agency, one of the first Facebook PMDs, in 2009 and opened to direct customers in 2012, the Adquant technology has been market proven by the most demanding Facebook advertisers. Adquant is a next generation platform that is built on Holistic Optimization, empowering advertisers to apply sophisticated algorithms for the optimization of all parts of their advertising programs. Adquant is deployed by leading advertisers globally with active campaigns running in over 100 countries. One in five of the top 50 grossing apps on Facebook are running campaigns on Adquant. Companies running campaigns on Adquant include Wix, William Hill, SodaStream, Nissan, OMD, Konami and more.

Adquant is an official Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD). For more information, visit