BrandAds Bridge Allows Brands to Measure the Impact of Every Video Ad Campaign

Video industry veterans come together to bring world-class measurement to connected video advertising

EMERYVILLE, CALIF. – Video intelligence company BrandAds today announced general availability of BrandAds Bridge, the first video ad analytics solution that allows media buyers to see how their in-stream campaigns are performing across different media vendors and devices in one unified real-time dashboard. With simple, CPM-based pricing, BrandAds Bridge gives brands a powerful and cost-effective way to measure the impact of any video ad campaign, from a massive media blitz to the smallest test campaign.

Instead of having to trust the limited analytics offered by the ad vendors themselves, or rely on 3rd-party technology vendors that only track basic delivery metrics such as impressions and click-through rates, advertisers can now use BrandAds Bridge to get immediate insights into more than 30 of the video ad performance metrics that matter most across different videos, publishers, ad networks and more. BrandAds Bridge includes baseline metrics such as reach, frequency, gross rating point (GRP), viewability and time spent, but also includes real impact metrics such as brand lift by demographic segment, social lift, social sentiment and BrandAds’ own brand safety score.

At the heart of BrandAds Bridge is its proprietary “Direct Audience Measurement” technology that enables video advertisers to get real-time consumer feedback within seconds of a campaign launching. Advertisers can watch their campaign performance metrics tick and update on the BrandAds Bridge dashboard, so they can quickly assess how well different video ads and media vendors are performing and make mid-flight optimizations to boost performance.

BrandAds was founded by video ad veterans Avi Brown, Ryan Pamplin and Kandi Onwuama, whose first-hand experience with the limitations, inefficiencies and excessive costs of measuring video ads led them to develop a new approach to measurement.

“Most advertisers are flying blind when it comes to assessing the real performance of their video ads, because 3rd-party technology vendors only report basic delivery metrics such as impressions, clicks and completion rates, not effectiveness metrics like brand lift by demographic segment,” said Avi Brown, co-founder and CEO of BrandAds. “We designed BrandAds Bridge to empower brand marketers with an efficient and unbiased way to measure the true impact of their video ad campaigns, so they can make smarter media buying decisions and feel confident as they shift more budget to connected video.”

“There is a profound disparity between the volume of advertising dollars that brands are shifting to digital video with the level of accountability and ad effectiveness capabilities currently available,” said Lindsay Buescher, Senior Manager, Digital Analytics at Carat USA. “BrandAds is a pioneering digital video measurement solution that offers insights beyond clicks and completion rates that will truly be a game changer for the industry.”

A Foundation for Video Advertising Growth

Video is already the fastest-growing digital ad format; eMarketer expects US digital video ad spend to rise by 41.4 percent this year and by nearly 40 percent next year as well, when outlays will reach $5.7 billion. Findings from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) show that much of that increased digital video spending will come out of former TV budgets: seventy percent of buy-side US senior executives told the IAB they would likely move TV dollars to digital video in the coming year.

BrandAds’ vision is to bring the magic and power of TV advertising to connected devices through better measurement.

“The first TV ad ran over 70 years ago, but it was only when Nielsen emerged ten years later to measure audience size and composition that you saw the deluge of ad revenue flood into TV,” added Brown. “We know that video ads will follow a similar path as more and more video content is delivered via an IP connection, but only if there is greater accountability and visibility in the medium. We believe BrandAds is providing a key foundational element for future video advertising growth.”

About BrandAds

BrandAds is bringing world-class measurement to connected video advertising. BrandAds Bridge is the first video ad analytics solution to provide media buyers with real-time insights into how their campaigns are performing across many different media vendors and channels in one unified view. By enabling brands to measure the impact of every video ad campaign, BrandAds customers can feel confident they’re making smart media buying decisions. Founded in 2011 by video ad industry veterans Avi Brown, Ryan Pamplin and Kandi Onwuama, BrandAds is a privately held company based in Emeryville, Calif. For more information about BrandAds, please visit