BrandAds Helps Video Advertisers Detect Fraud and Increase ROI

BrandAds Bridge 2.0 unifies video ad serving with a complete measurement suite for brands and agencies

EMERYVILLE, CALIF. – Video intelligence company BrandAds today announced the release of BrandAds Bridge 2.0, the world’s first and only cross-platform video ad server with real-time fraud detection, audience measurement, effectiveness research and social monitoring built-in. With enhanced insights provided through Bridge 2.0, advertisers will now be able to see a complete view of all aspects of their video advertising campaigns–including details such as video viewability at the domain and placement levels. This level of granularity in viewability measurement provides advertisers with an unbiased understanding of exactly where their video ads are streaming online and whether or not consumers are actually seeing them.

BrandAds Bridge already provides advertisers with tools to assess how well different video ads and media vendors are performing, so they can make mid-flight optimizations to boost ROI and plan future campaigns. Bridge 2.0 provides enhanced insights into more than 30 metrics including brand lift, gross rating point (GRP) and demographics. BrandAds has already collected complete demographic data from over 1.2 million unique video viewers in the US on behalf of its brand advertiser clients and this number grows with each new video campaign served and measured by Bridge 2.0. All advertisers using BrandAds Bridge have full access to this audience data as well as any custom demographic or psychographic insights they wish to collect throughout their video campaigns.

BrandAds’ newest features were developed to address one of the biggest concerns that advertisers face today: fraud. According to a November 2013 study, 87 percent of advertisers do not trust data from media vendors such as publishers, ad networks, DSPs or exchanges and prefer data from third-party measurement vendors. Data from media vendors are considered unreliable due to the inherent conflict of interest.

“We are always looking for new ways to derive valuable insights from data in order to maximize every media dollar spent,” said Lindsay Buescher, senior manager of digital analytics at Carat. “When I first engaged with BrandAds, I knew immediately that they would be able to unlock data that would ultimately help us understand and prove the true impact of our online video campaigns. I am confident that by working with BrandAds, Carat will be able to ensure our clients are actually being fulfilled on the premium online video inventory that they are paying for.”

BrandAds Bridge customers will now be able to:

  • Expose fraudulent impressions by domain and media vendor: Advertisers can now track metrics such as video player size, traffic quality and viewability, which will allow them to quickly identify exactly which media vendors are wasting their media budgets and on what specific domains.
  • Quickly generate domain whitelists and blacklists: Advertisers can filter domains by any metric or threshold they deem appropriate. This will allow the simple creation of domain lists that are either acceptable or unacceptable based on an advertiser’s standards.
  • Identify which placements and vendors are driving ROI: Advertisers can quickly identify brand lift optimization opportunities and strategically reallocate media budgets mid-flight to increase delivery in the best performing environments.

“Brand metrics should be as actionable and as real-time as direct response metrics have been for years,” said Avi Brown, co-founder and CEO, BrandAds. “The release of BrandAds Bridge 2.0 marks a huge breakthrough for the video ad industry. Brand marketers finally have a solution built specifically to solve their challenges around video measurement.”

About BrandAds

BrandAds brings world-class measurement to video advertising. BrandAds Bridge is the first video ad analytics solution to provide brand marketers with real-time insights into how their campaigns are performing across many different media vendors and channels in one unified view. By enabling brands to measure the impact of every video ad campaign, BrandAds customers can feel confident they’re making smart media buying decisions. Founded in 2011 by video ad industry veterans Avi Brown, Ryan Pamplin and Kandi Onwuama, BrandAds is a privately held company based in Emeryville, Calif. For more information about BrandAds, please visit