Taykey Launches the Real-Time Advertising Academy

Educational Courses to Equip Brands & Agencies with Strong Understanding of Real-Time Advertising and its Applications

NEW YORKTaykey, the leading provider of dynamic media solutions for real-time advertising, today announced the launch of the Real-Time Advertising Academy. The Academy is the first program of its kind and was designed to help brands and agencies understand and make use of real-time advertising, which tracks the trends that various demographics are following at any given moment and allows advertisers to better target their key audiences.

The Real-Time Advertising Academy will empower brands and ad agencies with an understanding of how real-time advertising works, including how this technology differs from other ad placement strategies. The Academy will also demonstrate how real-time advertising can dramatically improve campaign engagement metrics by helping advertisers place the right ad in front of the right person at the right time.

“The goal of the Academy is to address the confusion surrounding real-time advertising, and arm advertisers with the skills and knowledge they need to use this cutting-edge approach in media campaigns,” said Amit Avner, CEO, Taykey. “Real-time advertising is growing very quickly, but many professionals don’t have a clear understanding of how it can improve their ad campaigns or brand recognition. The Academy has been created to give these progressive advertisers the tools they need to not only understand the technical elements of real-time advertising, but also execute a real-time campaign.”

The Real-Time Advertising Academy will also include a Fellowship program, offering experienced ad agency leaders, media buyers and marketing partners the opportunity to direct, develop and deliver Academy content. The insight provided by experts who use real-time advertising every day will be a crucial aspect of ensuring that the Real-Time Advertising Academy remains a comprehensive source of objective information for participants from brands and ad agencies.

“Real-time advertising is a powerful opportunity to reach people at the right time in the right way,” said Linda Boff, who leads global brand marketing for General Electric. “It’s clear this form of ad placement based on consumers’ real-time interests is going to be a crucial aspect of media planning going forward. The Real-Time Advertising Academy will be an important resource to help us strategize how we can start incorporating real-time capabilities into our media plans now.”

“People live in the moment, across all media, and that requires agencies and marketers to take a real-time approach to advertising as an ongoing component of their media plans,” said Adam Schlachter, head of media activation, North America, for Digitas. “The benefits of timeliness and relevancy are too significant to ignore, and we now have technology at our fingertips to unlock this potential. Programs like the Academy will help the industry understand the full spectrum of how this can be applied, which is essential in today’s marketing ecosystem.”

The Real-Time Advertising Academy is launching with five initial courses: Intro to Real-Time Advertising, Real-Time Advertising Planning, Real-Time Advertising Creative, Real-Time Advertising Media and Real-Time Advertising Insights. The primary faculty of these courses will be experts from the Taykey team, who will lead classroom training for participants of all skill and knowledge levels. Taykey also plans to build out its course offerings, including online resources, to address more strategic and advanced real-time advertising tactics over time.

About Taykey

Taykey, founded in 2009 and based in New York and Israel, is backed by funding from Sequoia Capital, SoftBank Capital, Marker and Tenaya Capital. Taykey’s mission is to make brands more real-time by delivering ads based on what is topical for their audiences. Taykey’s patent-pending technology harnesses deep insight into content as it emerges across various social media platforms to identify audiences’ real-time interests. Using real-time data and an innovative, patent-pending algorithm, Taykey’s media buying platform helps brands deliver advertising more effectively.