Winterberry Group White Paper Underscores the Value of Marketing Attribution in an Era of Programmatic Audience Development

Visual IQ co-sponsored paper reveals advertising, marketing and media industry professionals are using a data-driven approach to “go global” in their programmatic audience development efforts

NEEDHAM, Mass. – Visual IQ, the leading cross channel marketing attribution software provider, announced that it has co-sponsored a white paper researched and produced by Winterberry Group, a global consulting firm that helps advertising and marketing companies grow value. The white paper, “Going Global: Programmatic Audience Development Around the World,” explores how advertising, marketing and media industry constituents are “going global” in their the practice of programmatic audience development across 12 markets.

“Going Global: Programmatic Audience Development Around the World”

The white paper, published in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), is based on findings from more than 200 executive-level leaders in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. The white paper found that the U.S. and the U.K. have embraced programmatic audience development most as the foundation of a digital media strategy, and are expanding those efforts across borders. It also found that these mature markets are defined by their use of cross channel marketing attribution, which plays a critical role in supporting a successful programmatic audience development strategy.

As the number of channels and touchpoints expand, audience data becomes more sophisticated. Historically, marketers have relied on a last click measurement methodology to identify and target audiences and optimize future efforts. However, this antiquated approach does not give credit to the combination of channels that influenced a conversion. Using advanced attribution as part of a programmatic audience development strategy, marketers can not only discover the optimal combination of tactics to maximize each audience segment’s performance, but can also automatically send their attributed data to media buying execution platforms for more effective optimization.

“Across virtually all markets, our research revealed a growing demand for cross channel attribution as a means of unlocking the full potential of the programmatic approach to marketing, media execution and audience engagement—effectively giving publishers and brands a true leg up over their peers,” said Jonathan Margulies, Managing Director, Winterberry Group. “Increasingly, marketers are ditching last click methods and turning to more sophisticated attribution approaches to identify the right mix of media to maximize their performance.”

Visual IQ Co-Founder and CEO Manu Mathew added, “The established markets are further differentiated by their bi-directional integration of real-time buying (RTB) tools with marketing attribution systems, which enables attributed metrics, rather than flawed, last click metrics, to be automatically passed into media buying platforms. This ensures search and display buys are based off of the most accurate information, helping marketers push their programs forward like never before.”

Additional key findings from the white paper include:

  • Programmatic growth concentrated in four major markets: U.S. and U.S.-based global publisher survey respondents reported that beyond their home market, programmatic efforts are currently concentrated in four major markets, including the U.K., Canada, Australia and France
  • Understanding audience development is an inhibitor: More than a third of survey respondents said that a lack of understanding of audience development across all markets was the most daunting challenge and a substantial inhibitor to their current global efforts
  • Brazil is heating up: Nearly 40 percent (39.1) of marketers and publisher survey panelists expect to engage in programmatic audience development in Brazil in the next two years, with 32.6 percent expecting to pursue the Brazilian market “substantially”

To view the complete white paper or learn more about the research methodology, download “Going Global: Programmatic Audience Development Around the World” here.

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