Zenovia Acquires AdJuggler Digital Ad Management Platform

Acquisition accelerates Company mission to improve industry efficiency by directly connecting buyers and sellers of programmatic digital media

NEW YORK, New York — Zenovia Digital Exchange Corporation today announced it has acquired AdJuggler, Inc., a leading ad server and programmatic-enabled supply-side platform (SSP).

AdJuggler’s publisher-centric technology will be combined with Zenovia’s global exchange, along with its recently acquired Brandscreen demand-side media buying platform (DSP). The AdJuggler acquisition completes Zenovia’s vision of offering an end-to-end platform that programmatically connects buyers and sellers of brand-safe media.

“Quality inventory from profitable publishers are a keystone to the long-term health of the digital media ecosystem,” said Dwight Ringdahl, Founder of Zenovia. “That’s why we have invested in AdJuggler’s leading publisher yield management tools and are integrating them into our platform. The result will be higher CPMs for publishers, improved campaign yields for buyers, and a more direct and secure supply chain to safeguard the quality of the impressions that flow through our ecosystem.”

“Since 2008, AdJuggler’s technology has put publishers in control,” said AdJuggler CEO, John Shomaker. “By combining AdJuggler with the Zenovia/Brandscreen offering, publishers access greater global demand, premium campaigns specific to the combined platform, and improved margins by doing business directly with sophisticated programmatic buyers.”

AdJuggler has long been a global leader in on-demand digital ad management technology. AdJuggler is known in the ecosystem for its intuitive work flow that enables publishers and networks to manage all media formats and optimize yield across direct and programmatic channels based on the value of each user. AdJuggler’s scalable SaaS platform serves as the backbone for more than 200 global customers overseeing 10,000 domains, 75 million unique visitors, and 30 billion monthly user impressions.

“Yield management is such an important part of Zenovia’s DNA and always will be,” said Zenovia’s Ringdahl. “Adding AdJuggler will strengthen our offering to publishers while increasing our ability to attract brand dollars with REAL impressions – our pre-bid fraud and brand safety-filtered impressions at scale.”

In just two years since launch, Zenovia has become the independent market leader in programmatic display media. Via its recent acquisitions of both Brandscreen and AdJuggler, Zenovia cements its position as the alternative and independent end-to-end technology platform for brands and publishers seeking to maximize value from the growth in programmatic buying and selling. Waller Capital acted as exclusive financial advisor to AdJuggler, Inc.

About AdJuggler

AdJuggler, Inc. is a leading digital ad serving and supply-side platform for publishers, media companies, and ad networks. The platform provides a full-featured campaign and inventory management system for display, mobile, and video, as well as its Exchange Media Program, an intelligent programmatic engine for mediating direct advertisers and programmatic buyers based on a predicted value for each user. The Company currently serves more than 200 companies worldwide, and its platform reaches 75 million unique users each month. More information about AdJuggler, Inc. is available at www.adjuggler.com.

About Zenovia

Zenovia Exchange is one of the top 5 digital ad exchanges, overseeing auctions for more than 500 billion user requests each month across its globally owned and operated network. The exchange provides real-time media buyers with ad requests enriched with user segmentation data, brand-safe context, and filtered for fraud – at scale. For publishers, Zenovia Exchange maximizes yield-on-inventory by removing suspicious activity, reducing discrepancy rates, and optimizing impressions for global buyers in the real time bidding (RTB) environment. Through its Brandscreen platform, Zenovia offers a digital media buying platform that empowers the world’s leading trading desks, agencies, and advertisers to programmatically reach target audiences across display, mobile, video, and most recently, the industry’s first digital out-of-home (DOOH) marketplace. More information about Zenovia Exchange is available at www.zenoviaexchange.com, and more information about Brandscreen is available at www.brandscreen.com.