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Visible Measures Launches The First Demand-Side Platform to Integrate Across Multiple Native Ad Exchanges

Visible Measures Launches The First Demand-Side Platform to Integrate Across Multiple Native Ad Exchanges

Partnerships with supply platforms, including TripleLift, DistroScale, and AdsNative, enable real-time bidding and ad buying at scale on a pioneering Demand-side Platform for Native Advertising

BOSTON – To meet the needs of marketers who seek to better connect to consumers via native advertising, Visible Measures, the Engagement Platform for Branded Content, announced partnerships and enhancements to its FabricSM platform. By integrating with leading native advertising platforms, including TripleLift, DistroScale, and AdsNative, Fabric expands from video media to encompass real-time buying and optimization of all native media, across devices and on thousands of premium publishers. With these partnerships and enhancements, Visible Measures’ Fabric becomes the world’s first demand-side platform to unite real-time bidding for native and video media.

“Quality content and high levels of engagement are key to the growth of native, and Visible Measures has consistently delivered both, which makes our publishers happy.”

“Native advertising has emerged as a powerful and effective strategy for integrating branded content into user experiences, but there is still a challenge: how do advertisers scale buying for an ad format that is customized to each publisher,” said Brian Shin, CEO and Founder of Visible Measures. “Our partners are tackling this challenge in unique and creative ways, with some focusing on in-feed integrations, while others address support for branded articles, or images. Now Fabric makes all of these solutions available to advertisers in one platform – at scale.”

Unlike traditional DSPs that focus on the buying of interruptive display and pre-roll media, Fabric was built from the ground up to let marketers purchase more effective consumer engagement through native advertiser content.

“We’re excited to allow our publishers to continue working with great demand partners such as Visible Measures, and as one of the first native platforms to support real-time bidding, we see value in Visible Measures extending this model across multiple platforms,” said Shaun Zachariah, co-founder of TripleLift.

The new Fabric platform provides value for native supply platforms in delivering a host of advertisers eager for smart native solutions. Visible Measures partnered with TripleLift, DistroScale and AdsNative, among others, in order to quickly address advertiser needs when it comes to driving engagement for branded content, and with the belief that Native DSPs, like Fabric, are the next big evolution of programmatic marketing.

“The growth in native advertising and content is exponential. More brands are creating high quality content and looking for ways to plan, distribute and measure native campaigns, and more publishers are ready to run them. Our DistroScale marketplace can distribute native content campaigns from Visible Measures’ brand partners across a range of devices in a seamless, measurable way,” said Navdeep Saini, Co-founder and CEO of DistroScale. “Quality content and high levels of engagement are key to the growth of native, and Visible Measures has consistently delivered both, which makes our publishers happy.”

Satish Polisetti, CEO of AdsNative, expanded on the publisher and consumer benefits of integrating with Fabric, adding, “At AdsNative, we see this as a pure Native DSP (Visible Measures) SSP (AdsNative) partnership that will enable premium publishers to monetize with experiences that are far richer and integrated than intrusive banners.”

Launched in May, Fabric is already used by Fortune 100 brands for real-time buying, distribution, and optimization of branded video. Fabric makes it easy to buy for consumer engagement; buyers can simply set up their campaign, upload their creative, and Fabric matches and optimizes those creative elements to the right placements, formats, publishers and platforms.

The new Fabric Native DSP can be accessed through both a self-service and managed-service, although Visible Measures foresees that most of its agency partners will continue to access Fabric through a managed service. Several deals with direct clients and their internal trading teams are in the works, including self-service access by VivaKi’s Audience On Demand™ team.

About Visible Measures

Visible Measures is the Engagement Platform for Branded Content. Long considered the most trusted source for branded video data and insights, Visible Measures provides an end-to-end solution for delivering engagement at scale through its breakthrough programmatic platform – Fabric– which connects brands’ video and native advertising with audiences in the most contextually relevant environments. Visible Measures works with hundreds of global brands, agencies, trading desks, and publisher clients, which include Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé, VivaKi, and Condé Nast. Visit us online at http://www.visiblemeasures.com or follow us on Twitter @Visiblemeasures.

Fabric, True Reach, and the Visible Measures logo are service marks owned by Visible Measures Corp. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

About TripleLift

TripleLift is the native advertising platform built for the visual web. Leveraging pioneering ad and computer vision technology, TripleLift seamlessly integrates a brand’s most engaging images alongside contextually relevant content, across any device, at scale. Founded in 2012, TripleLift is credited with developing the first viable alternative to traditional banner advertising and introduced the industry’s first programmatic exchange for premium native inventory. The use of big, beautiful imagery to tell brand stories has delivered meaningful interaction and engagement for many of the world’s leading brands and publishers. TripleLift was named 212 NYC and The New York Times Ad Tech Startup of the Year, and was a finalist in AdWeek’s Startup of the Year awards. For more information, please visit http://www.triplelift.com.

About DistroScale

DistroScale is a platform and marketplace for buying, delivering, managing, & measuring native content across websites, mobile web & apps. The company has developed a scalable, easy to use, SaaS platform that works across web, mobile, social, and video. The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in New York City and Los Angeles. More information is available at www.distroscale.com or @DistroScale.

About AdsNative

AdsNative is the first SSP platform for responsive native ad formats. Through an easy-to-use UI, publishers can access a full native ad stack designed to sell direct, plug in their preferred native networks and/or monetize inventory on the AdsNative exchange. AdsNative is the only native ad platform that maximizes yield through all demand sources – direct advertisers, native ad networks, and programmatic channels. For more information please visit AdsNative.com.