Polar Serves 1 Billion Native Ads on Mobile, Shows Small Screen Winning in Sponsored Content

New York, NY – Today, Polar (polar.me), the native advertising platform used by the world’s largest publishers announces they have served over 1-billion native ads on mobile for publishers such as Slate, Condé Nast, Hearst, Telegraph, The Washington Post, and Associated Press.

Having crossed the 1-billion threshold for mobile native ads, Polar is poised to help the over-700 media sites using their MediaVoice platform to power their direct sold sponsored content.

“1-billion native ads on mobile and over 3-billion across all devices gives us unique to aggregate data on how these placements are performing for publishers and how readers are engaging with sponsored content,” says Kunal Gupta, CEO, Polar. “No one else has this unparalleled access to sponsored content trends, or can help publishers understand what direction native is heading the way we have been able to.”

Aggregate data from 1-billion native ads served on mobile (see all 20 new benchmarks released here: polar.me/mobile) shows these placements perform better than their desktop counterparts:

●       Click-through-rate (CTR) on mobile placements is .26%, 57% higher than on the desktop
●       Engagement time on mobile native ads is 33% longer than those on the desktop at 3m12s.
●       Smartphone native ads boast a 3m37s engagement time, 45% higher than those served on tablets.

“With Polar, mobile isn’t an afterthought – it’s an essential part of native advertising.” said Anthony DeMaio, Associate Publisher, Vice President of National Sales, Slate. “We chose MediaVoice to serve our native advertising as it it spoke to every aspect of our sponsored content program: utilizing our content management system (CMS), integrating with our ad server, and pushing to mobile.”

MediaVoice lets publishers serve native advertising using their existing CMS which is often set up to format content for mobile devices automatically. Publishers save time and bandwidth when the need for manually formatting native mobile content is eliminated.

Reports from Business Insider show spending on native advertising is soaring with almost $8-billion in sales in 2014, and a predicted $10.7-billion in 2015. eMarketer reports that 90 percent of publishers already have or plan to offer native ad products this year for content marketers to reach and engage with their audiences.

For the full 20 benchmarks showing native ads’ performance on mobile visit polar.me/mobile.