PlaceWise Media Partners with Index Exchange to Power Private Exchange Offering, Enables Brands to Connect with Highly Engaged Shoppers in Real Time

The Partnership Marks the First Time Brands Can Connect Via a Private Exchange with 10 Million Engaged Shoppers on the Path to Purchase

 New York, NY and Denver, CO – One of the nation’s largest shopper media networks, PlaceWise Media announced today it has partnered with Index Exchange, a division of ad technology firm Casale Media, to give brands preferred access to highly engaged shoppers in real time, using a private exchange providing access to over 600 localized shopping destination sites.

With Accenture reporting last year that 65 percent of US shoppers browse online and buy in-store over the holidays, PlaceWise Media is well positioned for a big holiday season. 63 percent of PlaceWise Media’s users plan their shopping trips ahead of time, and 94 percent shop in-store within the week. PlaceWise Media’s network is comprised of more than 600 shopping and grocery destination websites and connected to more than 10 million shoppers nationwide on desktop and mobile. With this cross-channel private exchange, PlaceWise is an optimal place for brands to reach consumers at a local level, especially during the holiday shopping season and all the other times of the year that shopping centers and grocery stores see increased traffic.

“PlaceWise Media works from a hyper-local position that affords us the ability to influence shoppers during a critical time on their path to purchase. Our online and mobile marketing elements are often the last segments of media content a shopper engages with before making a purchase,” said John Dee, President of PlaceWise Media. “Index Exchange provides us with access to programmatic demand from leading DSPs and Agency Trading Desks, helping brands get in front of the right shoppers at the right time, and helping us maximize our return on traffic.”

For the first time, PlaceWise Media can now leverage Index Exchange’s technology to package custom advertising inventory segments for specific brand advertisers. This provides buyers with more access to a quality, custom audience and content segments.

“We are excited to align our infrastructure and demand with publishers that offer exclusive access to coveted shoppers,” said Zach Rosen, Director of Publisher Development at Index Exchange. “There is no question that PlaceWise Media offers us the chance to connect brands to consumers at an ideal point on the path to purchase.  Tapping into PlaceWise’s mobile capabilities will give brands the opportunity to engage with consumers who are on the way to stores while they are in an active mindset for buying. Couple this with the holiday shopping season, and it is the perfect time for Index Exchange and PlaceWise to work together.”

About PlaceWise Media℠
Based in Denver, PlaceWise Media is the one of the nation’s largest shopper media networks, with 10 million monthly visitors and an estimated 180-200 million total shopping visits in 2014. Using the company’s unique first-party shopper data, the PlaceWise Media Network provides advertisers real-time access to active shoppers on the path to purchase for products and services primarily in the categories of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and grocery. PlaceWise Media also continues to be the leading provider of digital marketing services to more than 600 malls and shopping centers across the country, as well as an affiliate partner to thousands of grocery retailers nationwide. For more information, visit

About Index Exchange
Index Exchange ( provides a neutral, transparent exchange layer that enables leading publishers and suppliers to sell their ad impressions in real time. A division of online media technology veteran, Casale Media, Index equips enterprise level sellers with custom architected solutions, fully transparent sell side management technology, and access to programmatic demand that is organized and certified by humans into an ever evolving taxonomy.