eXelate Reaches Technology Milestone With 15 Trillionth Unique Audience Segment Created

Now Processing 23 Million Signals a Minute in Real-Time, eXelate Provides Marketers With the Industry’s Most Scalable Data Management Technology Infrastructure

NEW YORK, NY – eXelate, the leading independent data platform, today announced the achievement of a major milestone, having created the 15 trillionth audience segment for the digital marketing ecosystem since its 2008 U.S. launch. Audience segments are a collection of signals which may include demographics, purchase history, web browsing activity or a variety of other behaviors, collected from online (mobile / desktop /video) and offline sources, which are packaged and delivered to affect more targeted advertising. In the past year, eXelate’s business has more than tripled; as a result, eXelate now processes 23 million signals each minute, or 375,000 each second.

eXelate’s momentum comes at a time when marketers are looking to evolve their capabilities to connect with customers in an increasingly complex, cross screen, on and offline buying journey.

“The demand for our enterprise grade data, data management and measurement solutions extends across many types of customers as volume, speed and scale of processing data have emerged as key competitive advantages for driving real sales results,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of eXelate. “No one is connecting more data of more of the players in the marketing, ad tech and agency worlds than eXelate.”

eXelate’s massively scaled infrastructure processes consumer attributes and behaviors into audience segments across 5 billion monthly unique devices and their users by working directly with leading brands, hundreds of publishers and offline data sources to analyze, score and package audience data. In parallel, more than 125 marketing platforms choose to synchronize their own user data with eXelate, which continuously updates 3.4 trillion segments per month, 78 million per segment, providing these marketing platforms with the freshest real time audience data.

eXelate is at the core of servicing the digital marketing landscape, including brands, agencies, trading desks, publishers, digital media companies and marketing technology platforms. It puts the power of our advanced data infrastructure, once exclusively reserved for select industry giants, directly into the hands of the marketer.

For more information, visit: http://exelate.com.

About eXelate

eXelate, the leading independent data platform, empowers marketers with better insights and massive reach to more effectively engage consumers. Through eXelate’s maX DMP (data management platform), fueled by eXelate’s eXchange, first-party data can be managed, modeled, mobilized and measured across video, mobile and display channels. eXelate’s eXchange, the largest pool of directly measured consumer data, reaches two billion active users and devices worldwide and includes key purchasing touch points — online and offline — from Nielsen, MasterCard Advisors, IXI and many more. As a member of the NAI, IAB, trustE, Council for Accountable Advertising and Evidon’s Open Data Partnership, eXelate adheres to privacy compliant advertising practices. For more information, please visit www.eXelate.com or follow @eXelate.