inPowered Introduces End-to-End Platform to Combat Clickbait and Drive Brand Engagement with Promoted Content

inPowered 2.0 Is the First Content Promotion Platform to Only Charge for Actual Engagement with Content

SAN FRANCISCO – inPowered, the company that enables advertisers to drive consumer engagement with their brands by promoting trusted content, introduced inPowered 2.0, a new platform designed from the ground up to guarantee engagement with promoted content. inPowered 2.0 is the first and only platform that charges advertisers based on the consumer’s actual engagement with their content – not clicks. inPowered’s cost-per-engagement pricing ensures that advertisers only pay when consumers actually spend time reading, or sharing their content – providing an alternative to current content promotion platforms that solely deliver “clicks” without engagement and clickbait consumers.

“Nielson Research shows that people engage with content written by experts they trust more than any other content”

How It Works

  • Consumers trust and engage with content written by industry experts more than any other type of content – and inPowered’s expert ranking algorithm helps brands identify the best content to promote
  • inPowered then turns a brand’s most engaging content into native ads across the web and social networks and charges only when users actually engage with that content by reading or sharing it
  • The inPowered platform then optimizes a brand’s budget towards its most engaging content, delivering results that help accomplish key KPIs
  • This is all done in real time so that brands can maximize brand engagement by getting their best content in front of the right people when it is most relevant to them

How Brands Are Using inPowered

  • Product Launches & Announcements – When launching a new product or announcing big news, inPowered identifies the best coverage a brand receives from the top experts and enables brands to promote that content to a broader audience through native ads across the web and social networks. This helps ensure a much more impactful launch by engaging a broader audience with a brand’s most trusted content.
  • Staying Top of Mind – In every product category, consumers are constantly looking for information from trusted industry experts to help them decide which product is right for them. inPowered enables brands to maintain share-of-voice in their product category by continuously promoting trusted content about their product or service, making sure that their brand stays top of mind in between product launches.
  • Changing Brand Perceptions – If a company needs to change the market’s perception of its brand, there is nothing more effective than educating the market with trusted content written by the industry’s top experts. inPowered identifies and enables marketers to promote the content that will drive the most engagement with their brand, enabling them to effectively educate their audiences and shift perceptions.
  • Combating Competitive Announcements – inPowered sends real-time alerts when a brand’s competitors – or any term a company is tracking – are covered in the press, then shows marketers the best content to promote to increase their brand’s share of voice when it matters most. This enables marketers to stay ahead of their competition and dominate the conversation by continually engaging their audience with the most trusted content.

Nielsen Research shows that people engage with content written by experts they trust more than any other content,” said Peyman Nilforoush, co-founder and CEO of inPowered. “Working with some of the major national brands as our customers, we have discovered that their pain point is clickbait and lack of engagement with promoted content. That’s why we created inPowered 2.0 and only charge brands when consumers actually engage with their promoted content.”

Pricing and Availability

inPowered 2.0 is live and available to all brands immediately. Cost-per-engagement pricing is also in effect as of today.

About inPowered

inPowered enables advertisers to drive consumer engagement with their brands by promoting content written by trusted industry experts. Our proprietary expert-ranking algorithm enables advertisers to discover the most engaging content about their brands or products and instantly turn that trusted content into native ads across the web and social networks. inPowered is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York and is backed by Rho Ventures and Relay Ventures. Visit for more information. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.