Kvantum Opens New Headquarters in San Francisco

Office to house executive team, business development and data science personnel

San Francisco, CAKvantum (www.KvantumInc.com), a data science driven, full-service marketing attribution company, has opened its headquarters in San Francisco located in the heart of the city’s financial district at 100 Pine Street. Based in the office are Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Harpreet Singh, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder Shilpi Sharma, as well as business development and data science personnel.

The office is the center of operations for the company, overseeing the development, sales and performance of its digital attribution platform, which enables marketers to conduct dynamic attribution analysis, cross-channel attribution and generate marketing mix recommendations for optimizing return on investment, revenue and brand key performance indicators. Currently, top retailers and consumer brands are working with Kvantum on scenario planning and media mix optimization to stimulate the impact of changes in investment, market situation or competitive threats and react to them quickly and strategically.

“We are excited to have our base in the center of the technology innovation and development capital of the world,” said CEO Harpreet Singh. “We look forward to growing our team in San Francisco, as well as around the U.S. in the coming year as we see increased demand for our cross-channel attribution services in the marketplace.”

About Kvantum

Kvantum is a data science driven, full-service marketing attribution company, providing comprehensive cross-channel measurement techniques that help marketers glean customer insights and improve marketing performance. Its real-time attribution and optimization technology combines top down marketing mix modeling with bottom up customer level attribution modeling for top brands and retailers. Kvantum is based in San Francisco and operates a research and development team in Gurgaon and Noida, India. For more information, please visit: www.KvantumInc.com.