Marimedia Launches Digital Advertising Analytics Tool

Marimedia advancing in mobile cookie-less environment

Easy-to-use tool provides user data transparency to ad agencies, brands and app developers for fine-tuning mobile ad campaigns to increase user retention and ROI

Marimedia (AIM: MARI), a provider of proprietary technology solutions for optimising online advertising revenue for website owners globally, is pleased to announce that, through its wholly-owned Taptica subsidiary, it has launched a data analytics tool that delivers unprecedented insights into mobile user behaviour and demographics for precise mobile ad campaign targeting for the benefit of advertisers.

Unlike current solutions on the market, the Company’s highly customisable analytics tool provides agencies, brands and app developers with an array of anonymised user behaviour data, including impressions, clicks, conversions, purchases and money spent, with key performance indicators being determined by the customer. When this behaviour data is combined with detailed demographic data – such as location, age, gender and operating system – creative and ad spend can be refined according to the customer’s target, leading to higher user retention and increased ROI.

The Company is able to offer a more accurate picture of user behaviour due to Taptica’s growing database of user profiles based on the utilisation of artificial intelligence and machine learning on a big data scale. Taptica’s database currently includes 200 million user profiles globally, with more than 100 data points available on each user, that have been acquired from more than 10,000 mobile campaigns.

The new ad-analytics tool has already facilitated a number of customers in understanding their audience, including:

  • a gaming client discovering that women spend as much as men when buying an in-game weapon;
  • a travel client identifying which 10 US cities generated the most revenue from new users; and
  • a streaming video on demand client learning that users aged 55 and above are an audience that should be targeted (which the client had not previously considered).

Hagai Tal, Chief Executive Officer of Marimedia, said: “With users migrating from desktops to the ‘cookie-less’ environment of mobile devices in ever-growing numbers, the use of advanced tools to track behaviour and thereby enable targeted advertising is of increasing importance. Our technology, which utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning on a big data scale, provides data-driven mobile targeting and user acquisition. Now, with this new analytical tool, ad agencies, brands, app developers and others are able to make more informed decisions about their mobile advertising campaigns based on real-time anonymised data. Importantly, it also allows ad agencies to demonstrate value to their own clients, which, in turn, enhances our value to them. As a result, we are further differentiating our offer for the mobile ad market.”