Retail Solutions Inc.’s (RSi) Ansa and Aki Technologies Partner for Better Attribution

Moment marketing company teams up with retail technology leader and measurement provider to help brands more effectively measure mobile ad ROI

San Francisco — Attribution just got easier, thanks to a partnership between Aki Technologies, the leading provider of mobile moment marketing, and Ansa, RSi’s shopper marketing solution that automatically delivers unbiased insights into campaign sales performance.

Now that retail stores and points of interest are reopening across the US, there’s a re-emerging awareness of the need for proper foot traffic attribution. Brands have new Covid-inspired shopping behavior to navigate. Aki helps brands find the right mobile moments to deliver their messages. Aki helps brands get more value from their mobile ad spend by connecting with consumers during the moments when consumers are most receptive to marketing. Ansa provides intelligence across the campaign lifecycle for planning, targeting, optimizing in real time based on performance, and delivering insights to fine-tune strategies for future programs. Combining forces, Ansa and Aki Technologies will tie how delivering media at the right time and in the right combination of events influences individuals to engage with mobile ads, increases conversion rates, and maximizes digital ad spend.

The partnership is already seeing success in the marketplace. Recently, an OTC allergy brand saw a 13.5% overall sales lift by reaching  Walmart shoppers during key moments with different messaging and creative formats based on mindset.

The brand tested how this strategy would impact sales and foot traffic. Since the product is behind the pharmacy counter, they needed the creative space to communicate that messaging, which can be hard with mobile. Aki deployed a strategy using moments to impact the consumer’s shopping list (Get on the List Moments) and moments when consumers are ‘out & about’ when their allergies could be triggered. This helped them reach consumers in the right mindsets and positively impacted sales:.

Sales lift during the campaign flight and post period for the product was 27.7%.

Mid-campaign, Aki used Ansa analytics to optimize into top performing stores, resulting in a 47% increase in overall campaign sales lift.

The featured product performed 112% higher than benchmarks, and halo products performed 71% higher than benchmarks.

When Purina wanted to reach purchasers of puppy food to transition them to Purina adult dog food, the brand recently turned to Aki Technologies and RSi’s Ansa to target mobile moments and drive foot traffic and sales at Target. Purina wanted to connect with people during Dog Feeding Moments and Pre-Store Moments to ensure the message reached its intended audience and drove purchases. They leveraged standard banners and high-impact rich media interstitials to capture user attention. Overall, Ansa results showed that the Aki-powered campaign was successful in driving engagement, foot traffic and ultimately sales for Purina Dog Chow and Beneful brands.

“Only best-in-class media providers like Aki seek out Ansa to differentiate themselves from the pack, knowing their effectiveness is being gauged by the ultimate KPI in advertising—whether campaigns increase sales,” said Bert Clement, CEO of RSi. “Having measured over 5 trillion digital impressions, Ansa analytics are established as the industry-standard and leveraged by more than 120 leading CPGs to provide proof at scale that their strategies for reaching consumers are working.”

This comes at a time when the amount of data available overwhelms most brands and agencies. Among U.S. companies with at least 100 employees using more than one digital marketing channel, eMarketer expects the adoption rate of attribution models to increase to 88% by 2020. Targeting a person with the right message at the right time and place on the right device at the right point in the customer journey is marketers’ holy grail.

“As advocates for pinpointing what’s effective and when, we are very excited to have joined forces with RSi,” said Scott Swanson, CEO at Aki Technologies. “By applying their mobile attribution prowess, to our state-of-the-art moment marketing, we can ensure our clients get the sales performance insights they need to refine and optimize their digital marketing efforts.”

About Aki Technologies

Aki Technologies’ mission is to advance moment marketing technology, in partnership with brands and agencies, to deliver a better consumer experience and revolutionary business results. Through its unique moment marketing approach, Aki helps marketers deliver personalized advertising using its patented video personalization technology that better aligns with consumer preferences and ad receptivity in a given moment.  Leading brands use Aki’s moment marketing science to inform strategy and drive meaningful impact on campaign metrics like awareness, engagement, foot traffic and sales. To learn more about the company visit

About RSi

Ansa is powered by Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi), the SaaS digital transformation company that enables the world’s leading CPG manufacturers and retailers to grow, profit and win, from supply chain to shelf. Ansa brings daily store-level sales data to life, delivering insights on the in-store effectiveness of digital shopper marketing campaigns at the nation’s leading retailers. Partnering with CPGs, media providers, and agencies, Ansa provides intelligence across the campaign lifecycle by planning and targeting smarter, optimizing in real-time based on performance, and delivering insights to fine-tune strategies for future programs. With Ansa, CPGs gain a true understanding of sales lift and receive critical learnings from every campaign. To learn more, visit