Prestige Brands Launches Multiple Consumer Engagement Programs with PunchTab

The largest independent provider of over-the-counter healthcare products in North America Integrates PunchTab’s Consumer Management Platform to engage and reward customers

PALO ALTO, CA – PunchTab, a SaaS based Consumer Management Platform (CMP) for brands to build and optimize powerful, direct consumer relationships, and Prestige Brands, the largest publicly traded independent provider of over-the-counter healthcare products in North America, today announced the public availability of three new consumer engagement programs for the Goody’s®  Powder, PediaCare® and Little Remedies® brands.

Prestige Brands, Inc. is committed to creating products that improve the health of today’s consumers. The Company’s mission is to create a portfolio of well-known and trusted consumer healthcare brands, and innovating within its categories to stay ahead of emerging consumer needs. Recently, Prestige Brands turned to PunchTab to develop an engagement program designed to optimize its direct consumer relationships to increase brand repurchase, build retention and reinforce brand loyalty.

PunchTab’s Consumer Management Platform offers Prestige Brands a powerful, direct way to communicate with its consumers to uncover and deliver truly actionable insights about their behaviors.

“Connecting socially with our consumers is a leading priority,” said Albert Hwang, vice president of marketing at Prestige Brands. “We look forward to working with PunchTab, a leader in innovative, digital programs to help optimize our marketing efforts and tune in to an even greater degree to the needs of our consumers. The reward programs we are launching will benefit both the consumer and the company, as we gain a more complete picture of those who purchase and use our products, generating data that will help us innovate going forward.”

“Everything we do as a company revolves around providing our consumers with products they trust to be safe and effective,” said Tim Connors, EVP, Sales and Marketing at Prestige Brands. “These new PunchTab powered programs will help us turn our consumer touch points and insights into more timely, relevant and valuable experiences for those who use our products.”

The Prestige Brands programs reward consumers for engaging with their brands in multiple ways: consuming content on the website, completing profile information, engaging on social channels like Twitter and Pinterest, and most notably, by allowing consumers to scan their receipts and earn points for purchases of Prestige products. Receipt scanning is a key component of all three programs. It showcases a direct connection between engaging consumers and developing brand loyalty with rewards for purchase. This enables the company to close the loop and gain important insights on how online activity can be tracked to purchase without expensive shopper marketing initiatives or POS integrations across its many retail partners.

“If brands want to truly understand and extract the highest value from their consumer touch points, they must learn to think beyond simply transacting with the consumer and focus on building a relationship,” Mike Mansbach, CEO of PunchTab.  The true value of a relationship comes from digging deeper to leverage all of a brand’s existing first-party data on a customer, in order to form a more complete picture of what they want from a relationship with their favorite brands, when and where they want it by channel, interest and specific need. These programs will help Prestige really stand out with their consumers.”

The Prestige Brands programs can be found at:

About PunchTab, Inc.
PunchTab is a SaaS based Consumer Management Platform (CMP) for brands to build and optimize powerful, direct consumer relationships. Leading CPG and retail brands like The Yankee Candle Company, PURELL, ConAgra, Arby’s and more use PunchTab’s cloud-based solution to deepen audience engagement, build awareness, and gain a data-driven, 360-degree view of consumer behavior and purchase drivers. PunchTab offers a self-serve, easy-to-implement product, and fully customizable, white-labeled loyalty and engagement programs. Based in Silicon Valley PunchTab is funded by Mohr Davidow Ventures, Chamath Palihapitiya from The Social+Capital Partnership, Crunch Fund, Venky Harinarayan, and Anand Rajaraman. For more information visit

About Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc.
Prestige Brands markets and distributes brand name over-the-counter healthcare and household products throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and in certain international markets. Core brands include Monistat® women’s health products, Nix® lice treatments, Chloraseptic® sore throat treatments, Compound W® wart treatments, Clear Eyes® eye care products, Little Remedies® and PediaCare® pediatric over-the-counter products, The Doctor’s® NightGuard® dental protector, Efferdent® denture care products, Luden’s® throat drops, Dramamine® motion sickness treatments, BC® and Goody’s® headache remedies, Beano® gas prevention, Debrox® earwax remover, and in Canada, Gaviscon® antacid.