David J. Moore, WPP Digital President & Xaxis Chairman, Named Chair of the IAB Tech Lab Board of Directors

IAB Promotes Scott Cunningham to Senior Vice President to Lead Tech Lab Initiatives

PHOENIX – The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced that David J. Moore, President of WPP Digital and Chairman of Xaxis, has been selected as Chairman of the Board for the IAB Technology Laboratory. Established in September 2014, the IAB Tech Lab is a nonprofit research and development consortium tasked with producing scalable, innovative technology standards and solutions for the global digital media and marketing industry. As Chair, Moore will be actively seeking tech leaders from across the ecosystem to join him on the Board of Directors.

“This industry requires strong global tech standards and solutions if we’re going to be able to meet the demands of today’s marketers”

Moore’s new role as Chairman of the IAB Tech Lab’s Board of Directors will build upon his longstanding commitment to the goals and activities of the IAB. He has served on the IAB Board of Directors for 15 years, including a stint as Chairman, from 2009 to 2011. Currently, he is a member of the IAB Board of Directors and Executive Committee, Ex-Officio.

“Dave has a proven track record in harnessing technology to drive meaningful business results,” said Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO, IAB. “Not only has he been a force in our industry when it comes to the latest tech developments and trends, but he has a deep understanding of the challenges that the interactive media and marketing arena faces from both the buy and sell-side. Through the years he has been a tremendous asset to the IAB, and we applaud his new commitment to our organization, and the industry at-large in taking on this leadership position with the Tech Lab.”

“This industry requires strong global tech standards and solutions if we’re going to be able to meet the demands of today’s marketers,” said Moore. “The IAB Tech Lab is going to play a critical part in ensuring that we have the tools necessary to succeed on that front. Bringing together disparate stakeholders from around the world to work on unified tech specs and best practices will go a long a way in moving the digital ecosystem forward for all of us.”

In tandem with Moore taking the lead role on the IAB Tech Lab’s board, Scott Cunningham has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Technology and Ad Operations, and General Manager of the IAB Tech Lab, to helm the organization’s efforts. Cunningham joined IAB in April 2014 with a history of implementing ad technology policies that have helped major organizations such as sovrn, Federated Media Publishing, and USA Today reach new heights with their ad programs.

“Scott has directed the development of the IAB Tech Lab since its inception. Today we want to commend his exemplary leadership, and are pleased to announce his new title and role,” said Patrick Dolan, Executive Vice President and COO, IAB. “We are certain that Scott will be able to direct the evolution of the Tech Lab, and ultimately help to deliver the types of technology resources and solutions that will advance digital marketing’s ability to scale up effectively around the globe.”

Alongside Moore, Cunningham will be responsible for guiding the IAB Tech Lab’s inaugural agenda and 2015 project commitments, including:

  • Create a comprehensive code bank to assist in simplifying and reducing the costs associated with implementation of IAB standards
  • Collaborate with the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) in the creation of new AdChoices programs in digital video and mobile to strengthen consumer privacy options across the interactive landscape
  • Advance tools and protocols in alliance with the Trustworthy Accountability Group
  • Develop an IAB Standards Certification program to reduce friction with the interpretation of technical protocols
  • Produce updated specifications for VAST (Digital Video Ad Serving Template), VPAID (Digital Video Player Ad Interface Definition) and MRAID (Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions) that will allow for seamless use of all three in delivering digital video advertising cross platform

Existing General Members of the IAB are automatically members of the IAB Tech Lab. Technology leaders from companies in the global digital advertising, marketing, and technology landscape are encouraged to join so they have a voice, too. This would include technology platforms, brands, and advertising agencies. In addition, publishers from outside the United States that are not already members of IAB in the U.S. are also encouraged to join.

The news was released at this year’s IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Phoenix. For more information on the IAB Tech Lab, please visit http://www.iab.net/techlab.

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