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Ad Viewability Needs for Digital Publishers

Ad Viewability Needs for Digital Publishers

Ad-Juster Ad ViewabilityAd viewability has become an important metric for digital publishers as more and more agencies and brands make it a requirement. What are digital publishers doing to satisfy this request of 100% viewability and how are they adjusting their sites? Which vendors are they using to measure viewability, and how are they getting all of this accomplished without compromising their revenue?

Some publishers say this is what keeps them up at night.

In order to better serve digital publishers in satisfying the viewability requirement, Ad-Juster is gathering information on which viewability metrics digital publishers are using today, how their ad billing is affected by viewability and what their greatest needs and challenges are surrounding viewability.

As of February 2015, Ad-Juster pulls viewability numbers from DFP, DFA, Nielsen and Moat. We are currently expanding the number of viewability data sources, as well as the number of viewability metrics associated with each vendor. We want to make sure this information flows up to Ad-Juster reporting, so that digital publishers can continue to get everything they need to fulfill viewability threshold requirements, understand discrepancies caused by viewability and efficiently process billing all in one place.

That’s why Ad-Juster has created a brand new Viewability Report; it is our newest custom template to expand our client’s daily reporting to include viewability metrics.

This report includes the following Viewability data fields: Viewable Impressions Measurable, Viewable Impressions, and Viewable Impression Percentage.

The report also shows the percentage of Campaigns with reported viewability metrics

Ad-Juster Campaign Viewability Metricsas well as a breakdown by percentage of viewability thresholds across Campaigns.

Ad-Juster - Viewability Threshold

Our clients can run a copy of the Viewability Report today and see if their ad servers have access to viewability metrics.

We have created a short 6 question survey to give us a better picture of your viewability needs. Please take a minute to fill this survey and help us help you. If you have any additional requirements for viewability you would like to discuss, please reach out directly to us to ensure we cover all of your needs.