IDG Communications Launches Native@Scale, a New Native Advertising Platform Across World’s Largest Portfolio of Technology Sites

Strategic Partnership with Nativo Makes Native Advertising Easy, Scalable and Measurable

NEW YORK – IDG Communications, the world’s largest technology media, data, and services company, announced a new native advertising platform that allows marketers to integrate branded content across its network of sites with the ease and scale of buying and placing traditional digital display advertising.

“Marketers recognize the advantages of native, contextual advertising, but until now they have been limited by the time and resources required to execute it at scale”

Advertisers are increasingly looking to native advertising as a way to engage more deeply with audiences and are continuing to invest in producing their own content. Native advertising spending is projected to grow to $21 billion by 2018, according to BI Intelligence, with the potential to rival digital display advertising. According to a recent IPG Media Lab study, consumers look at native ads 53% more frequently than display ads.

IDG’s new Native@Scale solutions allow marketers to create branded content once and to distribute it across the company’s network of sites. IDG reaches 280 million of the most influential technology buyers, and this new platform enables marketers to engage the most receptive enterprise and consumer audiences with their text, video, or graphic messages at a unique scale wherever they are reading content: on their mobile devices, tablets or desktop Web browsers.

“Marketers recognize the advantages of native, contextual advertising, but until now they have been limited by the time and resources required to execute it at scale,” said Michael Friedenberg, CEO of IDG Communications. “Until now, creating effective native advertising has required branded content to be customized and formatted to match the style of each site on which it appears and has been limited to a small subset of a site’s total inventory. Our new platform offers marketers an efficient way to engage customers on an unprecedented scale and is the latest step in how IDG is reinventing the definition of a modern media company.”

IDG is partnering with Nativo, whose technology supports the creation, purchase and measurement of in-stream native ad units. IDG now offers native advertising on a CPM basis on every article page on every site across desktop and mobile, allowing native ads to be purchased in the same manner as traditional digital display advertising. This new solution allows native ads to be targeted by the topics most relevant to marketers.

Key components of IDG’s new native advertising platform include:

  • Brandpost: full-length branded content from marketers published to IDG’s sites
  • Video: in-read video messaging integrated directly within articles
  • Mobile: as traffic increasingly migrates to mobile devices, native and high impact advertising units target users within the natural reading environment
  • In-stream sponsored content: real-time purchasing and distribution of native ad units on IDG’s network of sites.

About IDG Communications

International Data Group (IDG) is the world’s leading technology media, events and research company reaching 280 million technology buyers in 97 countries. IDG Communications, a subsidiary of IDG, is the largest global technology media, data and services company delivering personalized and contextual- based experiences for the most powerful technology buyers. IDG’s media network features 460 websites, 200 mobile sites and apps, 179 print titles and more than 700 globally branded technology and entertainment conferences and events. Our global media brands include ChannelWorld®, CIO®, Computerworld®, GamePro®, InfoWorld®, Macworld®, Network World®, PCWorld®, TechHive® and Techworld®. One of the largest demand-generation companies in the media industry, IDG Communications works with approximately 2,700 direct advertisers and more than 7,000 programmatic buyers. IDG also operates a global network and advertising exchange with 130 million unique visitors worldwide. Through our proprietary first- party data platform, we capture thousands of data points on technology buyers, enabling advertisers to connect with tech decision makers on an unprecedented scale.

About Nativo

Nativo is the leading advertising technology platform for brand advertisers and publishers to scale, automate, and measure native ads. For brands, Nativo is the ultimate content marketing platform that delivers native content with unparalleled reach, engagement, and intelligence. For media companies, Nativo provides a complete native ad solution that makes it easier to sell, deploy, and optimize native ads across sites and across screens. Nativo combines a dynamic content management system with advanced content ad serving capabilities, allowing publishers to create, manage, and monetize truly native executions without compromising their users’ experience. More than 300 brands and 350 publishers leverage Nativo’s platform to power their next-generation digital advertising. Learn more at

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