New Marketing Solution from Segmint Drives Growth, Acquisition via Open Internet

SegmintReach Opens Up Powerful Channel for CMOs in Highly Regulated Industries to Drive Results by Delivering Secure, Highly Targeted Messages in Real-Time

AKRON, Ohio – Segmint, Inc., a global leader in active analytics and Always OnSM cross-channel marketing, announced the global availability of its SegmintReachSM solution. Powered by the SegmintOne end-to-end marketing platform, SegmintReach enables clients to securely reach current and potential customers on the open internet through its integration with Real Time Bidding (RTB) networks. The patented solution leverages only anonymous data and is fully compliant with consumer data privacy and security regulations and standards.

With the addition of the SegmintReach delivery channel, Segmint’s clients are now securely engaging in targeted 1-to-1 communications with customers on millions of websites worldwide. To maintain the highest levels of privacy and security, the solution never accepts any Personally Identifiable Information and identifies customers through the use of an anonymous code that triggers, in real time, personalized campaign message delivery through the RTB networks.

To deliver the highly targeted cross-sell and acquisition campaigns, the platform begins by analyzing an organization’s own anonymous (first party) data to understand its customers through Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs). The KLIs are then used to precisely segment and target customers for relevant marketing messages. As the solution identifies a match between a customer’s KLI mix and a KLI-targeted campaign, SegmintReach will bid on the ad space through its programmatic RTB capabilities. When a bid is won, the solution securely delivers the individual’s personalized message to the third party website in milliseconds.

“The open internet proves to be immensely powerful for clients given its infinite reach and the number of possibilities that it provides for growth and acquisition,” said Rob Heiser, Segmint President and CEO. “SegmintReach opens up vast opportunities for highly regulated industries, like banking and healthcare, by expanding targeted marketing capabilities well beyond their owned physical or digital properties.  The opportunities associated with SegmintReach open up a whole new frontier for banks and healthcare organizations in particular.”

“A primary challenge facing banks today is the inability to quickly deliver messages to a targeted audience based on analytic insights derived from internal and external information,” said Tim Sloane, Vice President, Payments Innovation at Mercator Advisory Group. “To convert insights into actionable multi-channel campaigns requires the integration of bank products, product advertising, and product campaign management that will deliver the right message, to the right consumer, at the right time, via the right channel. Combined, this makes the financial institution relevant to its customers and creates new revenue streams and new customers.”

In an effort to seize this opportunity, forward-thinking U.S.-based banks have been in pilot with SegmintReach over the past several months. Since leveraging the open internet channel for targeted consumer lending campaigns, these banks are experiencing dramatic results in new lending product openings. These institutions continue to deliver KLI-targeted messages to their public web sites and online banking sites.

During the four-month pilot period, SegmintReach delivered the following economic results for the participating banks:

  • Generated a nearly 4.5 times return on their marketing investment by increasing sales of consumer lending products in terms of available credit
  • Enabled institutions to engage 4.5 times more with customers than on their own digital properties
  • Influenced 73 percent of total sales of consumer lending solutions attributed to the SegmintOne Platform during that period

The SegmintReach solution eliminates the traditional “spray and pray” approach and enables marketers to deploy a highly efficient, precisely targeted and relevant digital marketing strategy to leverage in combination with its offline marketing approach.  The solution also offers full reporting and business intelligence tools, empowering marketers to match message delivery with product openings to track real-time campaign performance, including cross-sell conversions, new customer acquisition, economic value of products sold and a variety of additional ROI metrics.

Through SegmintReach, organizations now have the ability to control spend on media by pacing the frequency of campaigns. The solution only buys ad inventory when there is a KLI match between a relevant message and an anonymous user. Because of this highly efficient approach, campaigns run concurrently and are left in an “always on” state; ready to deliver targeted impressions in real-time when a KLI match occurs at any time across any channel.

The power of the open internet combined with rich analytics now gives financial institutions a new edge in terms of driving growth from within their existing customer base as well as expanding their footprint – in a highly efficient manner.

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Segmint, Inc. is a global leader in active analytics and Always OnSM cross-channel marketing. The company’s solution securely activates enterprise data to intelligently deliver personalized engagements attributed across all channels (both digital and physical). Segmint offers a patented technology platform that leverages actual consumer transaction data to help marketers truly understand and even anticipate the needs of their target audience and serve them highly relevant and personalized advertisements at the precise moment they’re considering a purchase.  The platform delivers messages to consumers and small businesses across mobile, public and private web sites, the open internet as well as assisted channels (contact center, branch, direct mail, etc.) while adhering to strict privacy and security standards. Segmint, which is headquartered in Akron, Ohio, is focused on such industries as financial services, healthcare, insurance and IT solutions both directly and through strategic partnerships.

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