Adblock Plus Escapes Exile; Returns to Google Play Store

Adblock Browser for Android Now Available for Direct Download

Adblock Plus, the #1 most popular browser extension for blocking annoying online advertisements, today announced that Adblock Browser for Android is now available in the Google Play Store for all Android devices. This is the first time since March 2013 that Adblock Plus has been allowed into the Google Play Store.

“Adblock Plus is very excited and grateful to have our app, Adblock Browser for Android, available in the Google Play Store,” said Till Faida, co-founder of Adblock Plus. “As annoying and irritating ads have spread fast to mobile devices, we are still championing the user, offering the ability to block ads and thereby giving them faster browser speeds and longer battery life, not to mention keeping them safe from malvertising exploits.”

Adblock Browser for Android has been in beta since late May. Well over 300,000 people downloaded the beta in the browser’s first week, and over 78,000 people have volunteered to help test it in a beta community. Based on that feedback a number of improvements were implemented into the current version available today.

Powered by Adblock Plus, whose browser add-on has been downloaded more than 400 million times, Adblock Browser for Android offers the following features:

  1. Fast, efficient browsing – Ads can cause pages to load slower, eat up to half of your data plan and consume over 20% of your battery. Because it has an ad blocker built in, Adblock Browser can:
  • Load pages faster
  • Save your battery and data
  1. Safe and private – Lots of nasty stuff like malware and tracking can hide behind ads. In fact, according to a new report, “malvertising” tripled in the last year. Adblock Browser for Android helps:
  • Reduce risk of malware infection
  • Enhance your privacy
  1. You’re in control! With Adblock Browser for Android, users can:
  • Support your favorite websites by whitelisting them
  • Change the default settings to block all ads
  • Disable tracking, malware and social media buttons or add additional filter lists of your choosing
  • Enjoy multi-language support


Adblock Plus is a free download for mobile users on Android and iOS, and a free browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Maxthon and Opera.

About Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is an open source project that aims to rid the Internet of annoying and intrusive online advertising. Its free web browser extensions (add-ons) put users in control by letting them block or filter which ads they want to see. Users across the world have downloaded Adblock Plus over 250 million times. It has remained the most downloaded and the most used extension almost continuously since November 2006. In 2013 PC Magazine listed the extension as one of the best free Google Chrome extensions, and it received a 2013 readers’ choice award for best privacy/security add-on.

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