Autopilot Announces Headsup, an Entirely New Channel for Marketers to Deliver Personalized Customer Journeys in a Post Ad-Block World

Over 7,000 Companies in 7 Months Have Chosen Autopilot to Personalize the Customer Journey

SAN FRANCISCO – Autopilot, the easy and visual marketing software for automating customer journeys, announced the launch of Headsup, an entirely new channel for marketers to connect with customers where it matters most – in-app, on-site, and through mobile.

“In a post ad-blocking world, Headsup empowers marketers to move past interruption-based marketing and towards more personal forms of communication that help customers fulfill their needs throughout their buying journey”

According to recent survey results, 72% of U.S.-based consumers get frustrated by generic, untargeted marketing. In a world where marketers are still reliant on interruptive ways to communicate with their audience, including batch and blast emails or annoying pop-ups ads, there’s a dire need to connect with customers at scale, in a way that feels more personal.

“In a post ad-blocking world, Headsup empowers marketers to move past interruption-based marketing and towards more personal forms of communication that help customers fulfill their needs throughout their buying journey,” said Autopilot CEO and Co-Founder Mike Sharkey. “The best businesses start with a remarkable customer experience, and with Headsup marketers will have an entirely new channel for engagement.”

By enabling a new channel for personalized, real-time interactions with consumers, Headsup will further Autopilot’s mission to create consistent experiences at every stage of the customer journey.

“Autopilot’s new Headsup channel creates a personal and cohesive experience for our customers while driving high engagement rates. We use Headsup to help onboard our customers, roll out new features, and offer customers expert tips and insights – all in-app and at the right time,” said Zak Holdsworth, Founder & CEO of Hint Health.

Headsup equips businesses to:

  • Engage at the right place and right time: Connect with customers while they are actively engaging with you, whether that’s browsing your website or in your app
  • Link to valuable content: Easily guide customers to success by recommending relevant content based on their past behavior and activity. With Headsup, marketers can also provide special offers, schedule appointments, subscribe customers, and even gain feedback in real-time
  • Create a personal touch: Headsup includes a photograph of a relevant company employee, helping create a human connection to the business. Headsup messages also allow marketers to include dynamic personalization variables from a customer’s profile like their first name, title or company
  • Get insights into what’s working: Autopilot’s built-in reporting helps marketers attain performance and revenue goals by making it easy to compare content deliverability and engagement rates across email and Headsup channels

Opening Up a New Channel for Marketers

While pop-up live chat is a commonly used tool for large customer support teams, in-app messaging has not been an accessible channel for marketers.

Headsup is a win-win for businesses and consumers alike – marketers have a new channel for communication that dramatically increases their customer engagement, while individuals are provided with a helpful, personal, and user-friendly customer experience. In fact, Autopilot’s internal testing has shown average Headsup response rates of 41%, which is 14X higher than standard email click rates.

“We’ve always emphasized the importance of engaging with our customers on a personal, one-on-one level,” said Tyson Quick, CEO of Instapage. “With Headsup, we’ve been able to easily reach out to our customers at critical stages of the customer journey. We’ve seen more customer engagement and time spent on our webpages.”

By integrating with popular SaaS solutions, including Salesforce CRM, Slack, Salesforce, Twilio, Segment, and Zapier, Autopilot simplifies the age-old challenge of communicating consistently with customers throughout their buying journey across online, offline and mobile channels.

The Growing Demand for Personalization

Autopilot recently conducted a study of 1,200 U.S. consumers, which found that consumers are four times as likely to respond to a company’s proactive outreach when it’s personalized to them. In addition, consumers place a high emphasis on receiving fast responses and expert insights when delivered in the context of browsing a website or using a product.

The launch of Headsup is the latest in a range of Autopilot features that aims to help marketers engage with customers in a genuine, helpful and scalable way. Headsup comes on the heels of rapid momentum for Autopilot, which raised $7 million in funding this summer, backed by Salesforce Ventures and Stage one Capital. Autopilot is currently used by over 7,000 companies, including Cambium Networks, Freshdesk, Dolby, and Narrative.

To learn more about Autopilot’s self-service free trial for marketing automation, visit Pricing starts at $4 per month for 500 contacts.

About Autopilot

Autopilot is easy and visual marketing software for automating the customer journey. Autopilot’s built-in integrations to popular tools like Salesforce, Segment, Twilio, Slack, GoodData, and Zapier make it easy to connect systems and message consistently across online, offline and mobile channels including email, SMS, in-app messaging, and physical mail. Founded in 2012, Autopilot is based in San Francisco and has raised $20.5M in venture funding. Backers include Salesforce Ventures, Stage One Capital, Rembrandt Venture Partners, Southern Cross Venture Partners, Blackbird Ventures, Tim Draper, and Terry Garnett.

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