LiveIntent Launches Berlin Office With Purchase of AVARI Recommendation Engine

The German-born AVARI Technology Will Accelerate LiveIntent’s People-Based Marketing Products

Date-New York, NY- LiveIntent, the industry-leading platform for marketing and advertising in email, today announced it would purchase the “AVARI Recommendation Engine” from German-based RetentionGrid Limited. Using the purchase of the German technology as a springboard, LiveIntent will set up shop in Berlin, its second international office.

The AVARI Recommendation Engine will be added to LiveIntent’s technology stack. The Engine will provide LiveIntent with a greater ability to ensure that every ad and piece of content they deliver is more dynamic and relevant to the opted-in recipients that make up LiveIntent’s 110MM monthly unique users.

In order to maintain continuity as the recommendation engine changes hands, and to realize the full potential of the recommendation engine for LiveIntent’s customers, LiveIntent will also bring aboard members from RetentionGrid Limited who were responsible for building out the product. These team members will join LiveIntent and form the crux of operations in Berlin.

“It’s been less than a year since we opened our first international offices in the UK and we’ve had such astronomical success with it, we’ve decided to pursue more,” said LiveIntent Founder and CEO Matt Keiser. “Our platform presently empowers over 500 brands and advertisers to deliver marketing messages and advertisements to 110MM unique people through over 750 top brands and publishers but there’s a hunger out there to bring our people-based marketing to new markets, and opening our Berlin office is a great next step.”

In addition to providing a foray into being present in Germany, the purchase will enhance to LiveIntent’s industry leading position as a smarter way to market and advertise in email in three distinct ways:

•       Improve Recommendations: The purchase will supplement LiveIntent’s existing data science and prediction technologies to make better recommendations to new and existing audiences.
•       Real-Time Social Activity: In addition to enhancing how LiveIntent serves advertisements and content, LiveIntent will, for the first time, incorporate Social Activity. This will enable brands to include their most real-time social engagement dynamically in email.
•       Expanded Retargeting: Finally, the Recommendation Engine will augment LiveIntent’s current retargeting capabilities and move the company yet another step closer toward bridging the gap between marketing technology and advertising technology.

“RetentionGrid Limited’s data science and machine learning experts originally developed the AVARI Recommendation Engine as a bolt-on predictive personalization solution for email marketing platforms,” continued Keiser. “The Engine had a strong reputation and combining it with our customer base means a perfect market fit.”

The purchase of the Engine comes on the heels of a busy 2015 for LiveIntent, who in recent months closed ( a growth round ( of funding integrated with major Marketing Clouds likes Salesforce, and was just named ( the Second Fastest Growing Company in NYC by Crain’s, for the second year in a row.

About LiveIntent
LiveIntent is a smarter way to market and advertise in email. The LiveIntent platform helps over 450 top brands deliver marketing and advertising messages to over 110MM unique, engaged people each month, in emails sent by 750 top US publishers and brands to their loyal subscribers. In 2010, LiveIntent cut its teeth as a smarter way to buy and sell ads in email and has since been recognized in both 2014 and 2015 as the second fastest growing company in NYC (by Crain’s) and as one of America’s Most Promising Companies (Forbes 2015.) With the email address at the center of its platform, LiveIntent has evolved beyond simply putting ads in email. LiveIntent is now one of the largest people-based marketing platforms in the world and also one of the first, having gone to market with the technology in 2010. LiveIntent is headquartered in NYC, with offices in Austin, Detroit, Berlin, and the UK, serving as home to 175 people and counting.