Adadyn Spotlights New Research on How Small and Midsize Retailers Can Maximize Holiday Ad Campaigns

Report marks inaugural Adadyn Academy educational resource series and further demonstrates company’s commitment to make ad tech simple, approachable and accessible to the masses

SAN FRANCISCO – Adadyn, a global advertising technology provider, published a new easy-to-read guide to help retailers on any budget maximize their digital ad spend around peak seasonal shopping seasons, and apply key learnings from proprietary data on how to make ads resonate better with consumers.

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Benefiting small and midsize retail businesses looking to squeeze the most out of this year’s remaining holiday campaign or to amplify next year’s ad spend, the report, “The SMB Guide to Digital Advertising for the Holidays,” examines findings from an Adadyn-backed study conducted by third-party research firm MORAR (previously Redshift Research) and illustrates what ads resonate most with consumers. The report also offers tips on how to build a successful campaign with retargeting, dynamic creative and programmatic solutions to affectively garner up to 20 percent more yield from holiday ad budgets.

In stark contrast to the hype around the rise of ad blocking and belief that customers hate ads, Adadyn’s research found consumers actually welcome ads. Especially those that are relevant and useful.

Highlights from Adadyn retail holiday report findings include:

  • 59 percent are more likely to click on seasonally-oriented ads like holiday shopping
  • 69 percent find receiving ads for recently visited sites useful when deciding whether to complete a purchase
  • 63 percent are more likely to click on an ad if there is an image of a previously viewed product from the advertiser
  • Just over half of respondents (54 percent) feel that online advertising makes shopping easier
  • 1 in 3 respondents shop online for consumer goods at least once a week
  • Men are more likely than women to shop online for consumer goods at least once a week (36 percent and 29 percent respectively)
  • If ads are from businesses in a respondent’s local area, then 71 percent are more likely to notice and respond to ads

“Big-box retailers’ dominant share of voice during the holiday shopping season presents a challenge for marketers with smaller budgets who are just trying to keep up and compete for consumer attention online,” said Rob Sopkic, SVP Sales at Adadyn. “Our goal with this paper, and the entire Adadyn Academy series, is to let midsize marketers know they have options to drive performance beyond search and social — they now have access to the same sophisticated programmatic technologies used by major retailers.”

The holiday guide for retailers and the launch of Adadyn Academy come on the heels of Adadyn’s recent self-service platform launch, and is all part of the company’s commitment to simplify advertising technology and help marketers of all sizes gain access to programmatic strategies on any budget.

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