Sublime Skinz Launches Two New Innovative Ad Formats

Skin-based advertising company Sublime Skinz adds two new ad formats – Shopping Skinz and Sliding Skinz – to its portfolio, allowing brands to deliver bespoke, engaging, and high impact advertising campaigns.

London, UK: Sublime Skinz, a leading ad tech company specialising in the distribution and optimisation of skin-based advertising, has announced the launch of two new high-impact ad formats – Shopping Skinz and Sliding Skinz – which boast unprecedented levels of viewability.

The first format, Sliding Skinz, allows brands to present two complementary ads simultaneously as the user slides their mouse laterally across the site, effectively moving between the two ads. The skin adopts a standardised format in its appearance but is flexible in its creative variations, allowing the ad to morph depending on different locations, products, places, and seasons.

The second new format, Shopping Skinz, allows users to browse products within the ad and click straight through to the product pages where they can make their purchase. The format has the capabilities to utilise retargeting so each user’s visit is customised based on their interests and preferences.

Both formats allow brands to communicate advertising messages in a creative and interactive manner to foster emotional engagement, boosting recognition and ROI.

Sublime Skinz can tailor every element of the ad format to meet each brand’s specific needs, as well as offering pre-designed packages that can be completed and implemented within hours. The formats enable brands to recapture the attention of ad-blind consumers with high-impact, dynamic content that encourages interaction.

“We are always looking to develop innovative ad formats that provide high-impact, immersive, and emotionally engaging advertising to consumers and the two newest additions to our portfolio do just this,” commented Lisa Menaldo, UK Managing Director of Sublime Skinz. “These skins drive greater interaction, increasing uplift and ROI while ensuring the user has a positive experience”.

About Sublime Skinz

Sublime Skinz is a leading ad tech company specialising in the distribution and optimisation of skin-based advertising. It is the first platform of its kind to provide skin-based advertising, working with advertisers, publishers, media agencies, media trading desks, and ad networks to drive efficient campaigns at scale.

Sublime Skinz provides actionable statistics and transparent insights in real time, allowing brands to capitalise on the most impactful format with the greatest coverage across multiple websites. Sublime Skinz works with a clear objective to maximise revenues and optimise return on ad investments.

Founded in 2012, the Paris-based company has developed an international reach with offices in London and San Francisco, and boasts an impressive network integrated with more than 2,500 websites worldwide. Sublime Skinz was honoured as the ‘audience favourite’ winner of the Launch: Silicon Valley World Cup Tech in 2014.

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