Adello Adds a Third Dimension to Mobile Ads

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – The latest 3D touch technology adds pressure sensitivity to screen interaction. This unlocks a new experience for consumers. Continuing the path of innovation, Adello is excited to be the first mobile adtech company to integrate 3D Touch across all mobile creative ad units.

@Adello is Adding a Third Dimension to #MobileAds!

What is 3D Touch?

Apple’s iPhone 6s introduced a whole new dimension of interacting with mobile devices, 3D touch. It recognizes force, which allows users to Peek and Pop content. Users also receive distinct tactical feedback for their actions.

Adello’s Application Adds a New Dimension to Mobile Advertising

The 3D Touch creates a unique experience for users that can be applied to advertising. Marketers can now touch their customers on a different level. They are able to launch creatives that incorporate a two-way communication. Mobile users can push on ads to zoom in and peek at interesting or hidden pictures, coupons, or messages. Users can also press on ads in order to pop open pictures, videos, or links.

Ads simply comprised of words and pictures are a thing of the past. At Adello, we strive to promote user engagements. With 3D Touch, Adello can measure and track even more interactions without disrupting the user flow.

We Believe 2016 Will Prove Significant in Adoption of 3D Touch Advertising

While technology is important, understanding human interaction is even more so. Adello has always been vocal about combining creative, meaningful interactions with data and data science. With the launch of Adello’s 3D Touch-enabled creative, consumers can choose to interact more deeply with mobile ads. We see this as potentially the most significant news for the advertising industry since the introduction of HTML5. We believe that over the course of the next year, more mobile handset manufacturers will add pressure sensitivity to their screens.

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