Genesis Media Announces Content Channels Setting a New Standard for the Precision of Video Viewability Targeting

Genesis Media Now Offers Page Level Targeting Data Further Solidifying it as the Most Viewable In-Market Solution; Channels Include Auto, Health, Travel, Lifestyle & More

NEW YORK – Genesis Media, the industry’s first attention platform creating the most viewable ad experiences in engaging content, announced Content Channels, a new offering that allows advertisers to target consumers through the content they are most engaged with at that moment. Marketers can now deliver the highest-impact messages on the highest-quality pages to targeted audiences in key verticals such as Auto and Money. As a result, more than 85 percent of Genesis Media ads served are viewable, nearly 50 percent above Moat’s viewability benchmark for IAB standard views.

“Brands and publishers understand that attention is one of the most valuable metrics when it comes to engaging with consumers and increasing ad viewability”

Content Channels is powered by Genesis Media’s Page Attention Rank™ (P·A·R™), a patented analytics solution that scores webpage content quality in real-time based on consumer attention. As part of Genesis Media’s ability to dynamically pair quality editorial content with the industry’s most viewable video ads, Content Channels adds an unprecedented level of granularity and precision to the ad buying process.

“Brands and publishers understand that attention is one of the most valuable metrics when it comes to engaging with consumers and increasing ad viewability,” said Rich Knopke, Genesis Media’s Chief Revenue Officer. “While many platforms exist that allow marketers to reach consumers based on the category of content they’re interested in, Genesis Media’s Content Channels offering is the first of its kind to reach audiences based on the individual pages they’re devoting the most attention to across all of our publisher partners.”

This dramatically increases the likelihood of capturing consumers where they are most likely to engage with an ad—and as a result is a wealth of monetization opportunities for publishers. Content Channels paired with P·A·R™ provides publishers powerful tools to uncover and prioritize the industry’s most viewable and engaging placements.

Content Channels launches with the following verticals: Tech, Food, Money, Health, Auto, Sports, Style, Politics, Travel, and Lifestyle, with Home and Family coming soon. For marketers buying across those channels, Genesis Media offers a cost per viewable impression (vCPM) model, which bills directly against current MRC/IAB viewability standards. While nearly all impressions already qualify for viewability tracking, Genesis Media powered ads do not play until they are 100 percent in-view. This, paired with Content Channels, means that advertisers can feel confident in the level of attention their video ads receive, and the returns those ads generate.

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About Genesis Media

Genesis Media’s predictive analytics platform creates the most viewable ad experiences in engaging content. It is the only company that turns attention into value by dynamically pairing quality editorial with video ads. Leading national advertising agencies and premium publishers rely on Genesis Media’s software to effectively measure digital consumer attention in real-time at the page level, while accurately quantifying the true value of publisher content.

For publishers without video, Genesis Media uses data to dynamically create and insert relevant inventory and open up new streams of revenue. Genesis Media also provides digital advertising agencies in need of inventory with guaranteed viewable, brand-safe videos for their clients. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Detroit.

For more information about Genesis Media and its services please visit: or follow the company on Twitter: @GenesisMediaNY.

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