Fyber Launches Open Mediation Program

Delivers Maximum Publisher Value Through One Platform with Open Access; Integrates Tapjoy as First Partner

BERLIN – Fyber, a leading mobile advertising technology platform, today announced the launch of Fyber Open Mediation, a program designed to empower app developers and publishers to work directly with the widest variety of quality ad network partners. Fyber is launching with Tapjoy as its first Open Mediation partner, with NativeXLoopme, and others to come on board soon.

Ad network mediation is the new normal for publishers — but many still struggle to find the optimal number of networks to achieve maximum yield, while minimizing the costs associated with integration, maintenance, SDK weight, and memory consumption. There is also the challenge of ensuring that the demand partners they choose are backed by quality inventory and reliable technology.

Fyber Open Mediation is built on the premise of One Platform, Open Access — meaning publishers can find, integrate and optimize demand from ad networks around the world, with the reliability, ease of access and oversight of a single, trusted mediation provider.

Through Open Mediation, ad networks can connect to Fyber’s Ad Monetization Platform, without needing Fyber to develop the mediation bundle first. For ad networks, Fyber’s Open Mediation means that they can now control building and maintaining their own mediation bundles by following a transparent, standardized process, which ensures reliability of the integration.

“We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Fyber and to be a lead participant in their Open Mediation program,” said Paul Longhenry, SVP of Strategy and Business Development at Tapjoy.  “The integration process was transparent and reliable, allowing us to quickly equip mobile app developers with the powerful combination of Fyber mediation and Tapjoy’s rewarded video and marketing automation services.”

“NativeX has always been laser-focused on our ability to provide industry-leading service that maximizes publisher revenue across mobile platforms, said Mike Wallin, Chief Revenue Officer at NativeX. “We look forward to working with Fyber to offer a simple integration and an exceptional user experience as a part of the Fyber Mediation Network.”

“At Fyber, we are continually pushing to streamline and evangelize the mediation process,” said Jim Schinella, Chief Business Officer of Fyber. “With Open Mediation, we are re-imagining the core process of how publishers, ad networks, and mediation platforms work together.”

About Fyber

Fyber is a leading mobile advertising technology company headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with an office in San Francisco. Fyber is devoted to solving the fundamental business challenge faced by freemium app and game developers, generating sustainable revenue streams through ad monetisation across all connected devices. Built by developers for developers, Fyber’s unified platform serves over 500 million monthly active users and empowers thousands of the world’s leading app developers and publishers to integrate, manage and optimize all ad revenue sources across mediation, exchange and ad serving. Fyber is investing for the long term to build the platform that will fuel the app economy of the future. For more information, visit www.fyber.com.