Index Exchange Partners With Bounce Exchange to Increase Supply, Introduce Access to New Format of Programmatic Advertising

Partnership Offers Marketers Access to New Supply of High Impact, 100% Viewable Units and Expands Bounce Exchange’s Global Reach

New York, NY – Index Exchange, the principled exchange for publishers, announced it has partnered with Bounce Exchange, the technology company that provides behavioral automation and enables online retailers and publishers to create customized shopping experiences. The partnership expands Index’s access to newly available premium, 100% viewable ad inventory, while enabling Bounce Exchange to extend its customers’ global reach and access the high-quality demand available on Index Exchange.

Bounce Exchange’s decision engine platform engages users at the moment of disengagement. Rather than waiting for an ad to load before a user accesses desired content, ads are served within milliseconds when they finish with the content, which offers as close to 100% viewable ad units as is available in the industry.

“Index Exchange is a crucial partner for us as we look to expand our growing ad business,” said Ryan Urban, CEO and Co-Founder of Bounce Exchange. “Publishers now have access to a high-impact ad unit that puts user experience first. We are really excited that Bounce Exchange is able to offer this brand new, video-first, real estate.”

Publishers using Bounce Exchange have access to 100% incremental revenue that doesn’t cannibalize any existing impressions. Bounce Exchange’s ad units, whether on mobile or desktop, consistently produce higher engagement rates than other ad units available today. They are also less interruptive than other well-known, common ad units, and don’t disrupt user experience.

“Partnering with Bounce Exchange allows us to push forward aggressively to actively populate our exchange with inventory that aligns with our core values: trust and transparency,” said Andrew Casale, CEO of Index Exchange. “Bounce Exchange’s unique approach to advertising demonstrates that, like us, they aren’t satisfied with the status quo, and they are taking the necessary steps to enact real change.”

About Bounce Exchange

Bounce Exchange provides a behavioral automation platform that automates conversion rate optimization and user acquisition. The technology is employed by digital marketers to build complete profiles of their site visitors and then, based on these profiles, direct marketing efforts towards the most productive actions possible. Headquartered in New York City, the company has hundreds of clients in the e-commerce, B2B, travel and publishing industries.

About Index Exchange

Index Exchange is the principled exchange for publishers. The people behind Index engineer the best technology to create a neutral, transparent exchange that enables digital publishers and suppliers to sell their ad impressions in real time, and gives them the data, knowledge and context they need to understand and act.