Datonics Expands Data Offering; Launches Demographic Data Segments

Enhanced Life-Stage, Shopping and Mobile data also become available

NEW YORK  – Leading online data marketplace Datonics has dramatically expanded its data offering with newly launched demographic data segments. These new data packages accompany Datonics’ 500+ pre-packaged and unlimited number of custom keyword-derived segments, based on high-quality, high-performing search, purchase intent and life-stage data on 180+ million US and Canadian consumers.

Datonics’ newly launched demographic data categories incorporate age and gender segments along with additional attributes such as income, marital status, education level and language of origin.  Based on its overall data, Datonics now provides a comprehensive picture of household shopping behavior and allows buyers to target specific audiences such as affluent households or heads of the households.

To ensure maximum engagement opportunities with the Datonics audience segments, the company has also expanded its mobile data coverage from its existing offering of over 100 million device IDs.

“Third-party data remains a vital aspect of successful desktop or mobile ad campaigns as it’s the only data that can tap into consumers’ recently conducted searches for products and services. Datonics data enables marketers to engage with consumers who are most likely to respond to their offering across all of their devices,” said Michael Benedek, CEO of Datonics. “Our goal is to provide our partners with the best possible data to help them pinpoint and attract new customers and we are pleased to introduce new data segments to the market in alignment with our customers’ requests and needs.”

About Datonics

Datonics (www.datonics.com), a subsidiary of AlmondNet, is the Internet’s leading independent aggregator and distributor of highly granular and proprietary search, purchase-intent, life-stage, demographic and B2B data. Datonics’ 500+ pre-packaged segments and unlimited number of custom keyword-derived segments facilitate the delivery of highly relevant, privacy-sensitive ads to consumers on all of their devices. Datonics is headquartered in New York City with a research and development center in Tel Aviv, Israel. Datonics is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI).