Aberdeen Group Partners with Bombora to Offer B2B Intent Data

Aberdeen Group Enters New Strategic Partnership to Deliver Highly Refined Targeting, Content and Lead Generation for B2B Marketers.

BOSTON, MA – In an increasingly content-driven world, intent data is the differentiator to make marketers and sales teams successful. Recognizing this, Aberdeen Group, the market leader for technology industry data, predictive analytics, and premium content has announced a strategic partnership with Bombora, the leading provider of B2B demographic and intent-based data.

“Given Bombora’s unique knowledge and reach across the B2B universe, this partnership makes perfect sense,” said Aberdeen Group’s CEO, Gary Skidmore. “Bombora’s intent data, combined with our significant technology data set and integrated content marketing engine, will allow B2B executives to understand not only whom to target, but what to say to them in a very refined and timely way.”

The incorporation of Bombora’s company-level ‘Intent Surge’ data will enrich Aberdeen Group’s technology data set, enabling further refinement of its lead generation and targeting solutions. Aberdeen will also use Bombora’s data to help customers understand and leverage content topics that are spiking in popularity among specific contacts, companies or industry segments. Using this additional layer of insight, B2B marketers will be able to create relevant content and enter conversations with companies and contacts when they are interested in hearing about these topics.

“The addition of the Aberdeen Group to our Data Co-op also signals a significant broadening in our coverage of the B2B content landscape,” said Bombora CEO and Founder, Erik Matlick. “The breadth and depth of content from Aberdeen Group’s suite of technology-focused publications, Aberdeen Essentials, will add a new range of targeted behavioral interactions to our intent data set.”

Working to bring these content consumption insights to life at an industry level and to help marketers propel timely and relevant activity, the Aberdeen Group will be a regular contributor to Bombora’s monthly infographic — ‘The Surge’.

About Aberdeen Group

Aberdeen Group is a technology and services company that helps tech sales and marketing executives distil smart data science into actionable moments. We help companies win through our unique targeting capabilities (using the CI Technology Data Set), advanced analytics using our own innovative proprietary and public data sources, and our original and premium content engine. Learn more about Aberdeen Group atwww.aberdeenservices.com.

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About Bombora

Bombora is the leading provider of intent data for B2B marketers. Bombora’s data aligns marketing and sales teams, enabling them to base their actions on the knowledge of what companies are in market for which products.

The source of this data is the first co-operative of premium B2B media companies. Members contribute content consumption and behavioral data about their audiences. In turn, they can better understand their audiences, serve advertisers and monetize their inventory.

Learn more about Bombora at bombora.com