Yahoo Expands Content Marketing Offerings with Yahoo Storytellers

Helps Brands and Agencies to Easily Produce and Distribute Content That Drives Engagement

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) announced the launch of Yahoo Storytellers, a full service content marketing studio for brands and agencies that leverages Yahoo’s editorial expertise, extensive data, and native advertising through Yahoo Gemini. Now marketers can leverage Yahoo Storytellers to successfully develop, distribute and measure premium branded content that meets consumers’ high expectations and drives engagement.

“We are thrilled to leverage our expertise as a global production company in partnership with Yahoo to bring relevant stories to the right audiences across Yahoo’s platform.”

“Content marketing continues to be an area of growth for brands and agencies, but they need a better way to create compelling content that’s informed by data and reaches the right audience. That’s where Yahoo Storytellers comes in,” said Lisa Utzschneider, Chief Revenue Officer, Yahoo. “At Yahoo we’re focused on bringing our users the best content available online across our news, sports, finance and lifestyle verticals, and now we’re helping our advertisers develop branded content that is even more effective and data-driven.”

Yahoo Storytellers offers advertisers a full suite of capabilities to build successful content marketing strategies, including: content consulting services and curriculum-based workshops, development of premium video and a full range of editorial content, influencer activations across social platforms, and partnership extensions.

Yahoo Storytellers is based on the powerful combination of content, data and technology. With more than 165 billion daily data signals, Yahoo helps brands identify consumer insights and inform what type of content opportunities they should pursue to reach their target audience. Yahoo’s custom content studio produces premium content for brands, by tapping into leading journalists and Hollywood-pedigree creators. Yahoo is partnering with top creators including Believe Entertainment Group, Endemol Shine Beyond, Trium-INE Entertainment and many others. With Yahoo’s full suite of ad formats and technology platforms, especially native advertising through Yahoo Gemini and content platforms like Tumblr, brands can deliver engaging content at scale to the right audience and in the most relevant environment.

“As one of the original digital storytellers, Yahoo’s history in identifying opportunities and creating dynamic stories for brands and audiences alike is extraordinary,” said Bonnie Pan, President, Endemol Shine Beyond, USA. “We are thrilled to leverage our expertise as a global production company in partnership with Yahoo to bring relevant stories to the right audiences across Yahoo’s platform.”

Brands including Dasani, Farmers Insurance, JetBlue and many others have partnered with Yahoo on content marketing efforts. JetBlue worked with Yahoo on a recent content marketing effort that resulted in over 3 million views of their native video ads, 31 million social media impressions, and 27% of people who viewed the JetBlue posts engaging with them.

“Working with Yahoo, we have been able to give people a new way to experience our brand, while driving meaningful results,” said Leesa Eichberger, head of brand marketing, Farmers Insurance. “We look forward to working with Yahoo Storytellers to further develop content that will be useful and engaging to consumers.”

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