OpenX and ExchangeWire Research Second Annual Report Finds Shift in Industry Perception of Marketplace Quality in Programmatic Advertising

Confidence in marketplace quality rises for desktop, declines for PMPs and mobile

LONDON & NEW YORK – OpenX, a global leader in creating programmatic advertising marketplaces that drive superior monetisation for publishers, today announced the results of its second annual report on perceptions of marketplace quality in programmatic advertising.

New report from OpenX and ExchangeWire Research on perceptions of marketplace quality in #programmatic advertising

The report by ExchangeWire Research and OpenX is based on survey responses from a diverse range of digital marketing professionals around the world, and was commissioned to gain a deeper understanding of the shift in media buyers’ and publishers’ perceptions of the online advertising marketplace.

“We hope to continue to raise awareness of the issues which impact marketplace quality with this report — especially within the mobile environment — and inspire the industry to work towards solutions that will allow all participants to realise the full potential of programmatic,” said John Murphy, vice president of marketplace quality at OpenX. “We understand that marketplace quality is a top concern for publishers and advertisers who are increasingly expanding their digital ad budgets and moving to new formats, which is why we continue to dedicate extensive resources to ensure the quality and integrity of the inventory available in our exchange.”

“’It is very encouraging that marketers’ perception of risk within programmatic is falling, and that programmatic is still seen by the majority to offer good value for money. Mobile and video are the areas that marketers are most concerned about, driven by the relative immaturity of those channels combined with increasing investment. The challenge will be for verification companies and media sellers to crack down on the bad players in this space as they have done in desktop,” said Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis at ExchangeWire.

Included in the report are shifts in publishers’ and advertisers’ thoughts on the value of programmatic advertising, their level of confidence in emerging advertising formats and buying models, and an in depth look at industry influencers’ thoughts on how the industry measures viewability.

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