BidMind is Now Available in Latin America

BidMind’s omnichannel programmatic advertising platform offers brands and agencies a way to reach new audiences and help plan, run, and measure Mobile, Web, Audio, DOOH, and CTV ad campaigns, now in Latin America.

Dover, DE – BidMind, an omnichannel programmatic advertising platform, announces the expansion of the company’s array of services to the LATAM region, allowing its partners to launch programmatic ad campaigns in South and Central American countries (across Mobile, Web, Audio, DOOH, and CTV channels). Omnichannel approach helps advertisers deliver the right message at the right time by acknowledging consumers’ previous touchpoints along the customer journey.

According to American Market Intelligence, traditional media consumption in Latin America is being displaced by digital. Digital advertising grows steadily at around a 10% pace per year, reaching over $24 billion in turnover in 2022. Meanwhile, internet penetration rates in LATAM are at 73% and growing and the video-on-demand industry expands on both subscription-based and ad-based models (with the latter being preferred by 70% of users). Local audiences also seem to prefer using streaming video apps and use a variety of devices for that. In this digital mix, target audiences are spread widely across all the media and advertisers may often struggle to locate their customer.

BidMind offers brands and agencies that work with LATAM audiences a data-driven approach when it comes to targeting. The company prediction algorithms combine first and third-party data to help develop, forecast, and run ad campaigns to reach their business objectives. Over the time BidMind has worked with such advertisers as Kia, Subaru, T-Mobile, Centricia, and SST Media.  With over 40 million mobile in-app and 16 million CTV ad impressions available through the platform, omnipresent reach capabilities, and machine learning algorithms, the company expects to help local brands and agencies power their campaigns in more than 20 different industries.

“We are excited to bring our digital advertising technology to the LATAM region, a market where we see huge potential. Our goal here is to help marketers reach their customers efficiently via brand-safe environments. We are expecting to work directly with big brands as well as with smaller advertisers on a sustained basis”, said Reid Mitnick, Director of Sales at BidMind.

About BidMind

BidMind is an omnichannel programmatic advertising platform that offers advertisers to forecast and run their campaigns to engage with tailored audiences on Mobile, Web, Audio, DOOH, and CTV. BidMind offers a suite of industry-leading targeting capabilities up to hyperlocal, demographic, and cross-device parameters to enable incremental reach. BidMind is available in self-serve format or as a white-label solution for agencies and publishers aiming at becoming tech vendors.