Comprendi Wins $250,000 Grand Prize in Twitter #Promote Ads API Challenge

Audience discovery platform expands capabilities with automated Adaptive Creative technology that allows advertisers to be “always on” with minimal effort

San Francisco and Tel Aviv – Comprendi is the grand prize winner of the Twitter #Promote Ads API Challenge for its groundbreaking advertising automation solution driven by artificial intelligence and big data. At an awards ceremony held at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, Comprendi was recognized for its new Adaptive Creative technology powered by the Twitter Ads API and Twitter’s unique Firehose data API. Co-founder and CEO Itai Ben-Zaken accepted the $250,000 cash prize award and the EMEA regional prize of $125,000 in Twitter advertising credits from Twitter COO Adam Bain.

The #Promote Ads API Challenge is one of the ways in which Twitter encourages innovation in the advertising technology ecosystem, and it provides the developer community with a great opportunity to build the most effective marketing tools using the Twitter Ads API.

Ben-Zaken says: “We’re proud to be recognized by Twitter as a unique innovator delivering intelligent advertising automation solutions. Just like Twitter, we’re focused on helping solve advertiser, brand and agency challenges with creative and powerful solutions. Our cutting-edge platform has been driving truly unmatched results in increasing the scale and relevancy of ads with minimal effort from the advertiser, leading to much better return on ad spend (ROAS).”

Michael Engle, Twitter Head of Ads API says: “We couldn’t be more excited to see the innovation that this competition inspired in the advertising technology ecosystem. Comprendi’s Adaptive Creative solution is a great example of how we’re helping support development of the best marketing tools, which leverage the unique characteristics of Twitter.”

Comprendi offers global advertisers an automated audience discovery platform that reaches contextually relevant and long-tail audiences at scale. Now, with the addition of the newly launched Adaptive Creative technology, advertisers can automatically customize and personalize ads in real time based on a variety of real-world signals such as weather changes, sports results, trending topics on Twitter and more.

This is how it works: A coffee brand, for instance, can automatically show an iced latte ad in Los Angeles where it’s hot and sunny, and at the same time show an ad for hot latte in colder locations. A beer brand could use Adaptive Creative to automatically trigger ads at the very moment a football game ends. For fans of the winning team, the brand could target ads showing cheering fans toasting their victory with beer bottles in their hands, while at the same time targeting the losing team’s fans with an ad that says “Can’t win every day… grab a beer and cheer up.” The opportunities for using Adaptive Creative to create a real-time, hyper-relevant connection between brands and consumers are virtually endless.

In this way, Comprendi allows advertisers to be “always on” and continuously engage with their target audiences, using computer-based automation. The platform uses patent-pending natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and deep learning algorithms that enable advertisers to reach contextually relevant audiences with exactly the right messaging at exactly the right time. This is particularly critical in meeting the unique needs of large-scale brands, mobile apps and performance-based advertisers who are interested in engaging their target audiences with the most relevant and timely messaging.

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About Comprendi
Comprendi is the market leader in advertising automation driven by artificial intelligence and big data. Founded in 2013 by Itai Ben-Zaken, Dr. Kfir Bar and Amit Seker, its highly experienced team of industry experts uses patent-pending natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and deep learning algorithms that enable advertisers to reach contextually relevant audiences with the right messaging at the right time.

Comprendi is a Twitter Ads API Partner and trusted by large-scale brands, mobile apps, and performance-based advertisers. Headquartered in Tel Aviv with sales presence in San Francisco, Comprendi is backed by top-tier investors, including Young K. Sohn, President and CSO of Samsung. For more information, please visit