Integral Ad Science Integrates Ad-Juster Reporting Into Campaign Implementation Process

Ad Operations Automation

The Need

Integral Ad Science (IAS), the technology and data company that empowers the advertising industry to effectively reach and influence consumers everywhere, has integrated Ad-Juster reporting into its campaign implementation process. IAS measures billions of media quality metrics a day and launches hundreds of campaigns each month. As a result, IAS must be proactive and innovative in making sure every campaign is set up accurately and efficiently. Prior to integrating Ad-Juster, IAS had a series of manual checks and balances with clients, which was time-consuming and tedious, explains Karlie Santucci, VP of Client Services at IAS.

IAS receives thousands of tags each day, making it difficult to track and ensure that each placement was firing correctly and that IAS was collecting data on each placement.

IAS was seeking a solution that would allow for an automated way to make sure each and every tag was accurately deployed.

The Solution

After carefully researching all of the options, IAS selected Ad-Juster to handle their automation needs. “The Ad-Juster team was incredibly helpful in getting us the precise reporting we needed,” says Santucci.

Ad-Juster provided IAS with automated alerts and the level of proactivity they needed to catch any set-up errors at launch. After rolling out the solution, they noted some of the immediate benefits.

“One report allowed us to find and resolve potential issues, such as missing pixels, long before any problems occur,” says Santucci. “This showed our clients that we were on top of implementation process and proactively helped identify potential issues.”

The Results

The Ad-Juster solution has also increased productivity for IAS, as the IAS team now reviews Ad-Juster reporting instead of manually screening for errors, which takes a fraction of the time.

“I’d absolutely recommend Ad-Juster,” says Santucci. “It’s a great way to provide checks and balances in an automated way, plus their team is great to work with and is very collaborative.”

About Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science (IAS) is a global technology and data company that builds verification, optimization, and analytics solutions to empower the advertising industry to effectively influence consumers everywhere, on every device. We solve the most pressing problems for brands, agencies, publishers, and technology companies by verifying that every impression has the opportunity to be effective, optimizing towards opportunities to consistently improve results, and analyzing digital's impact on consumer actions. Built on data science and engineering, IAS is headquartered in New York with global operations in ten countries. Our growth and innovation have been recognized in Inc. 500, Crain’s Fast 50, Forbes America’s Most Promising Companies, and I-COM’s Smart Data Marketing Technology Company. Learn more at

About Ad-Juster

Ad-Juster is a data aggregation platform for digital publishers, ad agencies, ad networks and ad tech platforms. It’s the only fully automated reconciliation and aggregate reporting system in the digital ad industry.

Ad-Juster specializes in display ad reporting, 3rd party data aggregation, programmatic reporting, ad viewability, mobile and video reporting, 3rd party tag verification, automated buffer optimization and more. Wherever you sit in the ad tech ecosystem, Ad-Juster can help!