InPlan Announces the Open Beta Enrollment for its Media Collaboration Platform

InPlan Media Group has announced the opening of the beta application process for its Media Collaboration Platform (MCP), a free media planning system. The MCP addresses the needs of a highly collaborative market that manages over US $500 billion annually in media spend and is stuck still using mostly spreadsheets.

Media agencies and brands have struggled with managing the media planning function due to the fast changing technological changes brought about by digital marketing. The largest media agencies still send Excel files back-and-forth to clients even as new mediums and media platforms require a greater number of people to work together and to work faster to develop and execute media plans.

The MCP is a comprehensive media planning solution that allows brands and agencies to brief, plan, execute, and monitor media planning activities across all media types. Users are able to customize each brand with its own set of media types, advertising vehicles, products, geographic markets, planning periods, and campaigns.

With the power of the MCP, a media planner no longer needs to rely on Microsoft Excel to build effective media plans. Collaboration is built-in, allowing multiple planners to work together while also sharing the plan with an unlimited number of people – such as the Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, and even the CMO and third party partners.

The MCP includes unique features like RapidPlanner™, a spreadsheet user interface for creating plans and entering actuals, and the ForeSight Optimization Engine to guide media planners’ choices of the best methods of achieving a plan’s objectives. Using machine learning, ForeSight’s recommendations combine historical planning data with industry available data to improve the effectiveness of your media spend.

Founded by a group of media planning and technology experts with broad experience in the brand space, InPlan was designed and built with flexibility in mind. Covering both traditional and digital media types, the platform provides a “single pane of glass” to all of a client’s media activities.

“In an era of per user fees for software and media planning tools built on legacy technology, we set out to create a modern platform purpose-built for today’s media planning needs”, said Allen Furnas, the Head of Product and former COO of Colspace. “By making the core planning features available for free, we want to help as many media planners as possible escape the limits of their current planning tools. We want to integrate into the overall media ecosystem – data brokers, ad platforms, billing systems, and analytics – while remaining focused on providing the most effective planning tool on the market.”

Go to to learn more about the MCP’s features and register for the BETA.