New Adalyser Technology Paves the Way for Programmatic TV Advertising

Adalyser’s new programmatic TV solution is set to transform how media agencies and TV advertisers measure and optimise campaigns. Partnering with Sky Media, Carat, Go Compare, Optimad and MediaOcean, a recent trial showed how Adalyser’s latest innovation can autonomously, and in real-time, optimise TV campaigns.

Adalyser’s solution identified the best performing TV creative by measuring visits to Using this intelligence to amend the TV schedule in real-time, the tech automatically removed the weakest performing creative in the campaign, and replaced its ad slots with the strongest performing creative.

During the trial, advertising spend was transferred between creatives achieving an efficiency gain of 18.4%. The trial also showed that programmatic TV is deliverable by leveraging existing solutions and automating current workflows, without investing in additional hardware or software.

The award-winning Adalyser platform is used by 10 of the top 13 global media agencies to analyse, optimise and report advertising performance for TV. Following the success of the trial, Adalyser plans to rollout its programmatic TV solution in summer 2017.

Adalyser Sales Director, David Cloudsdale, said: “TV is being challenged by Facebook and Google. With the roll out of Adalyser’s programmatic TV product, agencies and advertisers will be able to be able to create self-optimising TV campaigns that deliver the benefits associated with online digital advertising without the pitfalls.” Head of Brand and Broadcast, Nicholas Hall, said: “We are an innovative tech company and through this collaboration with other like-minded tech businesses have gained real insight which in turn has translated into real business gain, blending traditional linear advertising with programmatic marketing techniques.”

Carat Associate Analytics Director, Tu-Anh Trinh, said: “Carat’s partnership with Adalyser has given us the opportunity to be the first to test new developments for our clients. The capability to autonomously execute creative copies is imperative and has the potential to take programmatic TV to the next level.”

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