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Neustar and Snap Team Up to Demonstrate Impact of Ad Performance on Revenues

Neustar and Snap Team Up to Demonstrate Impact of Ad Performance on Revenues

Findings Suggest Advertisers Can Expect Higher Returns Compared to Other Media Channels

STERLING, Va. – Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services, announced a marketing mix model partnership with Snap, Inc. (NYSE: SNAP). As a certified third-party measurement partner, Neustar provides advertisers with data-driven insights to measure the impact of their Snapchat ads – video Snap Ads, Lenses, and Filters – on business outcomes and demonstrate the efficacy of their marketing investments on Snapchat.

Neustar and Snap Team Up to Demonstrate Impact of Ad Performance on Revenues

Through this partnership, brands will be able to measure, forecast and optimize the impact of their advertising investments and identify marketing’s overall contribution to revenue. Today, marketers can measure the return on advertising spend (ROAS) or the sales lift of the ad types available on Snapchat. These sophisticated measurement methods have already proven their value as analysis in the movie theatrical release category, the carbonated-soft drinks category and the retail apparel category have shown. For example, a recent analysis by Neustar in the carbonated-soft drink category showed that Snap comprised 1 percent of the media spend yet generated 5 percent of marketing’s contribution to sales, making it the most efficient driver of sales of all the observed channels.

Neustar found a similar effect in both of the other categories, affirming that at average media spends, Snapchat is more efficient than the average media channel at driving sales. Neustar concluded that investments in Snapchat have significant upside and advertisers can expect higher returns compared to other channels, in particular when trying to reach younger audiences, who are difficult to reach through traditional channels.

“Marketing executives continue to face the pressure of connecting their marketing investments to revenues and by partnering with industry leaders like Snap, we are providing the needed transparency for effective marketing allocations,” said Julie Fleischer, Vice President, Marketing Solutions, Neustar. “As a leader in marketing measurement and optimization, we know how important it is to build measurement models without blind spots. Partnerships like this are imperative to help marketers see the full picture of the impact of their spend and to help publishers like Snap validate their contribution of marketing effectiveness.”

As a leader in advanced marketing measurement and optimization solutions, Neustar helps brands measure their media effectiveness across several leading platforms, including FacebookGooglePinterest and now Snap. Powered by the OneID®system, which accurately connects people, places and things, Neustar’s next generation analytics solutions offer marketers the capability to monitor, optimize and quantify the value that Snap campaigns have on online conversion activity and in-store sales. By partnering with Neustar, advertisers can focus on how best to invest their next marketing dollar and gain deeper insights into how their Snap ad investments are driving conversions along the customer journey.

The Neustar MarketShare unified measurement and analytics offering is powered by the Neustar OneID system, which allows marketers to accurately measure and attribute the results of their marketing investments. Neustar MarketShare recognizes that global brands need a holistic, unified approach to allocating their budgets and future-looking models, which take into consideration past campaign performance. Unlike other providers, Neustar MarketShare combines both the offline marketing tactics and the non-media drivers (e.g. weather patterns, economic indicators, etc.) in order to help clients examine the true value of their digital marketing performance.

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