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Fyber RTB Introduces New DSP-facing UI and Enhances Its Top-tier Optimization Algorithm

Fyber RTB Introduces New DSP-facing UI and Enhances Its Top-tier Optimization Algorithm

Berlin –  Fyber RTB, a leading video supply side platform and RTB exchange, and a subsidiary of Fyber N.V., announced the launch of its demand-facing user interface (UI) and the enhancement of its optimization algorithm for enriched Queries Per Second (QPS) throttling capabilities with the aim of providing transparency and advanced optimization opportunities for their demand side partners. Each new feature improves efficiency and to give demand side platforms (DSPs) best-in-class tools to reduce server costs and optimize their programmatic buying strategy.

Proprietary QPS throttling technology to effectively manage and consume inventory
Fyber RTB aims to help DSPs maximize buying efficiency by reducing erroneous traffic received from multiple exchanges. Fyber’s unique optimization algorithm allows for the easily filtering of traffic that doesn’t match demand, that is suspicious or, that failed to convert in the past.

“DSPs are seeing enormous volumes of traffic that often is irrelevant, and they end up paying high server costs to sift through this traffic and identify relevant impressions. Our goal is to increase trading efficiency by doing QPS throttling in-house and only sending DSPs relevant traffic that they are likely to bid on based on bid history, their preferences, and other parameters.” said Erwin Plomp, Chief Business Officer at Fyber RTB.

The algorithm is continuously being enhanced and version 2.0 is expected to be released at the end of 2017.

Granular performance optimization and improved transparency with the new DSP UI
The new DSP UI serves as a reporting platform with the aim to help demand-side buyers make data-driven, real-time optimization decisions. By leveraging the UI’s data, DSPs will be able to better optimize the bidding strategy by quickly identifying key problems that may lead to a lower win-rate. In addition, the UI gives visibility into delivered campaign performance. The optimization suggestions go down to a three reporting drill-down level to the point where DSPs can pinpoint the creatives and campaigns giving them headaches. The new UI also enables users to easily track their key performance indicators (KPIs) by slicing and dicing data like creatives, deal IDs, or geographic information.

“Implementing a DSP UI is certainly a key milestone for Fyber RTB. We continuously expand and innovate our platform to ensure high-end operational efficiency between supply and demand. In spite of the fact that Fyber RTB is a supply-side platform (SSP), we wanted to give DSPs a tool to gain full transparency over the performance of their ads and help them make data-driven decisions to improve their buying strategy. That’s the reason why DSP UI was created.” said Erwin. “We are very excited to see what results our partners will achieve by utilizing the new UI.”

To maximize efficiency, the interface is optimized for mobile. It enables users to make decision on the go and take full advantage of real-time reporting. Reports can be easily shared with team members as well as with Fyber’s support team for fast troubleshooting.

About Fyber RTB
Fyber RTB is a leading mobile advertising technology company that empowers publishers to execute smart ad monetization strategies across all connected devices through a unified supply side platform. Reaching over 1 billion unique monthly users, Fyber works with thousands of the world’s leading publishers, app developers and advertisers. Fyber RTB is a subsidiary of Fyber N.V., which is publicly trades on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FBEN). It has offices in Berlin, Tel Aviv, New York, San Francisco, London and Beijing.

For more information, visit www.fyber.com.