Havas New York Appoints Harry Bernstein, Founder of Progressive Digital Agency The 88, as Chief Creative Officer

Bernstein’s Addition Bolsters Havas’ Flagship Agency as Creative and Digital-Led Agency Innovator

NEW YORK – While the agency world is changing drastically by the minute, Havas U.S. is armed with a strategy designed to push industry limits and exceed client expectations of how agencies operate. As part of a revolutionary direction, Havas New York is breaking tradition as a creative agency and announcing the appointment of Harry Bernstein as Chief Creative Officer in conjunction with the acquisition of his agency, The 88. Bernstein, a digital visionary, brings a profound knowledge of foundational marketing capabilities and an unmatched understanding of how to contemporize and apply them effectively to the platforms that matter most.

“Havas New York is a creative agency breaking tradition to build brands of the future, which is why it is imperative to have someone like Harry at the creative helm,” said Laura Maness, CEO of Havas New York. “As a partner to the modern CMO, we offer a valuable mix of capabilities that aren’t what you’d expect to find in a creative agency, such as experience design, cognitive, data and technology. With Harry leading the way, we’re poised to create the most relevant, unconventional model while rapidly scaling our growth platforms in New York.”

As one of the most influential social media marketers and advertising personalities in the business, Bernstein has an uncanny ability to find a shift in consumer behavior as well as up-and-coming trends and align a brand with them to create well-crafted, strategically-driven content. This passion and expertise will help Havas’ flagship agency deliver clients an unparalleled creative partnership.

“I love advertising, but the entire vocabulary of our business has changed,” said Jason Peterson, Chairman and CCO of Havas Creative, U.S. “We have an opportunity to be at the forefront of this change and offer clients modern capabilities that drive real results. Harry is the perfect person to help Havas New York stay ahead of the game by disrupting the status quo. As a thought leader and true innovator, his storytelling embraces the modern language of advertising and will take our offering to the next level.”

Bernstein founded The 88 in 2010, comprising it of culture hackers, creators and innovators who make bold new things for the internet and beyond. Over the years, he evolved the agency into a robust digital offering, staying ahead of the curve at any given moment and servicing the needs of globally recognized brands like adidas Originals, L’Oréal, Tailored Brands, MARS, Bacardi and Bloomingdale’s. Prior to launching The 88, Bernstein left agency life for Rockstar Games, where he developed promotional campaigns for the world’s leading video games, including Grand Theft Auto 4 Episodes from Liberty City. Before that, he worked alongside Peterson at Berlin Cameron on vitaminwater, Coca-Cola, Lincoln, Ford, Belvedere, Boost Mobile, Heineken and Heineken Light. Bernstein also worked at Ogilvy and Mather New York on global brands like IBM, Sprite, Kodak and American Express.

“My vision has always been to change advertising forever, even before advertising realized it needed to be changed,” said Bernstein. “But at this pivotal moment when the modern CMO is beginning to question traditional means, there’s no better time than now to join forces with Havas. I’m excited to combine my understanding of contemporary culture and innovation with Havas’ capabilities to help our clients break the traditions of their categories as the CCO of Havas New York.”

About Havas New York

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