Webconsultas Signs Exclusive Partnership with H Code Media

LOS ANGELES – H Code Media, the leader in digital advertising for the US-Hispanic market, today announced a new exclusive partnership with Webconsultas, the world’s leading health and wellness online portal among Spanish-speaking readers. The terms of this exclusive deal gives H Code the opportunity to solely represent 100 percent of Webconsultas’s digital display inventory, rich media, video, and custom content solutions in the US market.

Parker Morse, CEO of H Code Media stated, “Webconsultas has excelled at creating very high demand content to engage with US-Hispanics around Health, Beauty, and Wellness and provides authentic and relevant audiences that advertisers want to be connected to in order to highlight their brands’ intrinsic values.”

“As H Code Media continues to expand into multiple content areas, this partnership reinforces the Company’s position in the Health, Beauty, and Wellness verticals and also showcases the high-quality, direct publisher relationships that we have within our advertising inventory,” said Pablo Rivera, VP of Publisher Development at H Code Media.

“Webconsultas will give our clients a premium showcase for their ads focused on health and wellness using rich creative developed by our award-winning creative team to connect with US-Hispanics that crave authentic content targeting this audience’s unique health interests, wellness needs and beauty regimens.”

This partnership underscores how H Code Media provides a differentiated and unique ad inventory in market to enhance its current offering. Similar to its recently announced partnership with Futbol Sites (FSN), a top digital sports media group in Latin America, this new relationship will enable H Code to bring to market exclusive branded content to previously unreached audience segments specifically US-Hispanic women.

“After an extensive search, we determined that H Code Media had the best US-Hispanic digital team that represents the level of quality that Webconsultas can trust with our aligned vision for the US market,” said Alicia López Martinez, Marketing & Advertising Director at Webconsultas. “We were very impressed by both the breadth and depth of H Code Media’s innovative US-Hispanic digital ad team and can tell that their customer service is unrivaled in this industry. By focusing only on one valuable partner rather than multiple partners, our company can do what we do best and keep growing our site’s content areas while still feeling confident that H Code is handling all of the monetization efforts.”

Despite their size, the US-Hispanic market represents over 17 percent of the US population with $1.5 trillion in purchasing power, this mobile-first cohort is very hard to reach as the result of a fragmented content market.

Health is a very important topic to US-Hispanics and a great way to reach them with advertising. According to a recent MediaPost article referencing data from Advertising Age’s 2017 Annual Hispanic Fact Pack, over one-fifth of US-Hispanics purchase pharmaceuticals/medicine compared to 11.7 percent of all general market adults.

H Code’s solutions include display, rich media, video, mobile, native, social/digital channels, as well as creative services. To effectively reach US-Hispanics, H Code partners directly with leading Spanish language media companies from around the world like Webconsultas.

About H Code Media

H Code Media is the leading digital advertising platform reaching U.S. Hispanic consumers at scale. The Company was formed to better connect brands and advertisers with US Hispanics online. It reaches this niche audience by bringing together targetable data, the right inventory and impactful creative. Through H Code’s platform brands can more effectively reach US Hispanics than any other organization in the marketplace. Key clients include Target, Chase, McDonald’s, Live Nation, Kaiser Permanente, and Lincoln. H Code was founded in 2015.

About Webconsultas Healthcare SA

Webconsultas is the #1 health and wellness online portal among Spanish-speaking readers in the world reaching over 6 million unique users every month. Its mission is to disseminate knowledge aimed at promoting healthy living habits and disease prevention while improving its visitors’ general quality of life. The portal offers answers to the doubts that can arise around all type of diseases, from the most habitual to the less frequent but equally important. In addition, it has news, interviews with experts, practical advice and detailed information on pregnancy, babies and children, nutrition, mental health, alternative therapies, wellness, beauty or exercise.