Tru-Stats Solves Influencer Marketing Falsification Problem, Creates First Data Transparency and Verification Platform

Tru-Stats offers real-time technology to identify and visualize purchased like and follower data volumes in social media to help brands build trust in influencer marketing

IRVINE, Calif. – Tru-Stats, the authority for real-time influencer data verification and the leading company for social media business analytics has introduced the first technology solution to verify influencer followers, likes, and comment data in an effort to ensure brands and agencies can easily engage and monitor social influencer accounts with minimal impact from bot engines and non-human traffic (NHT). The solution is designed to be used by brands and agencies on all influencer marketing campaigns to maximize ROI.

@truStatsCom solves falsification issue in #influencerMarketing, offers 1st #dataTransparency & verification engine

The continual rise in NHT traffic from bot engines currently generates millions of falsified likes and followers daily, as well as posting false comments and click-through events. All of this falsified data is wildly confusing to the entire marketing industry and can easily mislead the business selection process.

Tru-Stats offers a SaaS and data/API solution to the marketing industry, which eliminates the confusion of false data and delivers full transparency into the social activity created by the bot industry. The Tru-Stats engine is the first complete third-party verification (TPV) engine for social media data which is not involved in the brand to influencer relationship, ensuring unbiased analytics.

Tru-Stats provides the first complete online solution to the growing issue around false social media influencers by quantifying NHT such as fake followers and fake likes on demand and as a SaaS for agencies and brands who are at risk of losing portions of their marketing budgets to social media accounts with false metrics. Marketers need to find authentic, organically grown influencers in order to guarantee they will reach an “organic” demographic and true advertising audience. For too long now, many social media influencers could automatically or strategically float their audience metrics or apply small to large up-tick increases to their likes and media engagement metrics in order to obfuscate their performance and improve their ranking on influencer marketing platforms.

For over 2 years the Tru-Stats A.I. engine, Tru-Sense, has been carefully studying the vast activity of influencer data manipulation and the periodic changes on social media platforms which offer added exposure to accounts and media, and can confidently pull the two apart to mark influencers and media which abuse the NHT market. The abuse of NHT has been continuously monitored within established accounts in the power middle influencers (100K-900K) and in many rapid growing micro-influencers (10K-100K).

From the Tru-Sense engine brands and agencies now have complete clarity into the data manipulation and bot engines clouding social media metrics. Tru-Sense produces cleaned data and reports which easily isolate accounts which rely on daily NHT follower up-ticks, or accounts which apply periodic NHT engagement up-ticks. The Tru-Stats Data Science Team has reported, “In extreme cases the Tru-Sense engine has seen over 90% of a ‘paid’ influencer’s daily follower growth and/or media engagement is based solely on bots and NHT.”

The Tru-Sense AI patent-pending engine is based upon a continual machine learning engine coupled with applied mathematical and statistical models. The engine has been studying the behavior of 10,000+ influencers for 2 years in order to autonomously detect authentic platform exposures versus falsified upticks.

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About Tru-Stats

Tru-Stats is a real-time hyper data tracking company which offers the marketing industry’s only social media data verification platform, and clears the smoke in social media analytics. Brands and agencies use Tru-Stats to analyze and monitor when and where NHT and bot engines are affecting their marketing campaigns and influencer relationships. For more information please visit