Marketing Architects Accelerates Growth to Support Omni-Channel Advertising

Broadcast TV and digital video breakthroughs advance careers and create opportunity for new hires.

MINNEAPOLIS – Digital marketers often hit walls that stunt growth. Strict caps limit profitable spend on paid search through Google AdWords. Crafting content for blogs and Facebook to score points for organic search on Google, Bing and Yahoo can be a grind without a clear outcome. Winning relevant keywords can also be cumbersome. That’s why more advertisers are taking the leap offline, where a single broadcast TV ad can cause a shock wave that reshapes the digital marketing landscape.

“A successful TV campaign has such a massive impact online that it becomes the tip of the spear for marketing strategy”

Minneapolis-based Marketing Architects, the audio and video advertising agency, has had a big year launching accountable broadcast TV ad campaigns. Powered by big creative ideas, their approach involves building ads from a strategic blueprint that supports the advertiser’s desired return on investment.

Beyond just driving response and building brand, the campaigns are reshaping marketing strategies by providing winning omni-channel messages. The refined messaging is shifting Google and Facebook ad copy and advancing digital marketing initiatives. It’s also giving advertisers access to other digital video channels like YouTube, Pandora and Hulu.

Marketing Architects announced a promotion and three new hires today to expand their capabilities and keep up with demand for the agency’s services.

Mindi Esala was promoted to Media Buyer for the MA Video team. In her new role, Mindi will utilize state-of-the-art media buying tools and pinpoint national TV intersections that generate the biggest return for advertisers.

Sean Haugen was hired as a Media Associate. Prior to joining the MA Video team, Sean worked for Signature Consultants and Ad Monkeys.

Teegan Zimmerman was hired as a Media Associate. Prior to joining the MA Video team, Teegan worked for Novus Media.

Jordan Rossler was hired as an Analyst. In his new role, Jordan will be diving in on a campaign level to discover data-driven insights that can help shape marketing strategy. Prior to joining the MA Analytics team, Jordan worked for Kantar Consulting.

Marketing Architects also announced they’re hiring a Media Intern, Media Associate, Senior Media Buyer, Media Director, Senior Operations Manager, Vice President of Client Services, and a Vice President of Digital Conversion Solutions. The agency is now accepting applications for all of these positions.

“A successful TV campaign has such a massive impact online that it becomes the tip of the spear for marketing strategy,” said Chuck Hengel, Chief Executive Officer. “We’ve accelerated our team’s growth to allow our advertisers to seize more omni-channel opportunities.”

About Marketing Architects

Marketing Architects is a customer acquisition agency delivering bottom-line results to top-shelf brands through responsive audio and video advertising. Based in Minneapolis, they celebrated their 20th anniversary last year. With award-winning creative, media and conversion tech platforms combined under one roof, their clients receive breakthrough campaigns proven to funnel and convert customers with staggering efficiency. For more information about Marketing Architects, visit

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