AdUX Strengthens Its Commitment to Responsible Digital Advertising Quantum Joins the Coalition for Better Ads

  • Quantum join the Coalition for Better Ads
  • AdUX has gotten rid of intrusive advertising formats thanks to QUANTUM, its native advertising subsidiary.
  • AdUX has removed all the extra data collections or the data collections that are not strictly necessary

Paris – AdUX group, specialist in digital advertising and user experience (ISIN Code FR0012821890 – HIM, HIM.FR) announces it joins the Coalition for Better Ads.

The main professional associations of digital marketing created the Coalition for Better Ads to improve the user experience of internet users vis-à-vis advertising. This organisation uses consumer feed-backs and assessments of the different industries concerned by digital marketing to create new advertising standards that correspond to user expectations better. QUANTUM has recently joined the Coalition for Better Ads to participate in the operations to improve user experience and self-regulate the market.

QUANTUM offers brands the conscientious advertising experiences of internet users with video, native formats, on computer as well as on mobile. QUANTUM, the first platform of programmatic native advertising, noted an increase of 35% in the number of its clients in 2017, mainly in the sectors of automobile, telecommunications, distribution industry, banking and insurance. Its support policy has also allowed it to gain the loyalty of the media that use its technology and services.

Every month, QUANTUM has more than 80 million unique visitors with several billion visible impressions and positions itself as one of the leading service-providers for native advertising in Europe. Its international expansion continues with the opening of subsidiaries in Germany and the United Kingdom, which add to the offices already present in France, Italy, Spain and Belgium.

With QUANTUM, AdUX asserts its commitment to responsible digital advertising that avoids the pitfalls of formats that are too intrusive and interfere with browsing. The approach of the group in favour of user experience is also extended through a consideration as regards the best way to limit data collection for advertising purposes. At the beginning of 2018, its subsidiary of Drive to Store and that of mobile advertising ADMOOVE thus stopped data collection via an advertising SDK to focus on the use of the information that is already available in the market and uploaded (bid requests) by the automated advertising platforms (SSP). Investor calendar First-half results 2018 on July 25, 2018 after the market close.

About AdUX
AdUX is an industry pioneer and European specialist in digital advertising and user experience. Present in 8 European countries, the AdUX company generated revenue of 34 million euros in 2017. Independent since its creation, the company is listed in the Euronext Paris compartment C, and is included in the CAC Small, CAC All-Tradable and CAC SME indices. Code ISIN: FR 0012821890 / LEI: 969500IIE66C3CFB1K57 / Mnémo: ADUX

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