Nativo Recognized as the Largest Native Advertising Marketplace

Leading native advertising platform delivers the most monthly uniques across desktop and mobile users, according to comScore rankings data

LOS ANGELES, CA – According to recent eMarketer estimates, native advertising will dominate display this year, comprising nearly 60% of spend in the US. Additionally, 77% of all mobile display ad dollars will be spent on native placements. Nativo, the leading unified advertising technology platform for in-feed advertising, today announced the company delivers more monthly uniques across desktop and mobile devices than other native ad platform according to an April 2018 comScore Media Metrix report. (1)

According to the recent data, with 109MM monthly uniques on desktop (2) and 173MM monthly uniques on mobile (3), Nativo rises above Sharethrough (96MM monthly uniques on desktop; 147MM on mobile) and TripleLift (91MM monthly uniques on desktop; 168MM on mobile). For context, Facebook garners 103MM monthly desktop uniques according to comScore data.

Nativo now delivers more monthly uniques across desktop and mobile
devices than other native ad platforms.

“Since the beginning, Nativo made a deliberate decision to take a long view in regards to our relationships with publishers of the open web. We focused not only on growth, but also retention through technology, service, and differentiation,” said Jason Kalin, SVP Business Development at Nativo. “As proud as we are of having the largest reach, we’re even prouder of how we got here – with a commitment to delivering real value treating our advertisers and open web publishers as partners.”

Additional Nativo highlights from the April 2018 comScore data:

  • The Nativo marketplace is 27% more engaging than Facebook on desktop: when a user visits the Nativo marketplace, they spend an average 59 seconds per page, compared to 46 seconds for Facebook.
  • Users visit sites in the Nativo marketplace as frequently as Amazon (average visits per visitor: 6.2 for Amazon, 6.5 for Nativo).
  • Nativo’s unique reach in mobile and desktop is 18% and 14% higher than Sharethrough’s unique reach respectively.
  • Nativo’s unique reach in mobile and desktop is 3% and 19% higher than TripleLift’s unique reach respectively.
  • The Nativo marketplace’s mobile audience is more engaged than that of Sharethrough or TripleLift, with 2.3X more time spent than Sharethrough, and 2X more time spent than TripleLift.
  • Nativo’s reach is sticker. Users visit the Nativo marketplace 2x more frequently than BuzzFeed (average visits per visitor: 6.5 for Nativo, 3.2 for BuzzFeed).

Visit for further details on how Nativo’s reach compares to that of its competitors. Contact [email protected] for media related inquiries.

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(2) comScore Media Metrix, U.S., April 2018
(3) comScore Mobile Metrix, U.S., April 2018

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