Advertising ID Consortium Announces DigiTrust as a Third-Party Domain To Bring Added Choice and Increased Efficiency for Open Internet Buying

NEW YORK, NY – The Advertising ID Consortium, the open identity solution for the digital advertising ecosystem, and the IAB Technology Laboratory (IAB Tech Lab), announced their intention to integrate the DigiTrust ID service, recently acquired by IAB Tech Lab, as one of three cookie IDs used within the Consortium’s open identity framework. The framework enables people-based marketing for clients of Consortium members that wish to leverage the benefit of the Advertising ID Consortium, and this development provides further choice in common user domain for current and prospective publisher, buyer, and technology platform members.

“As the Advertising ID Consortium expands across markets, we are giving our partners flexibility of choice in their technology infrastructure,” said Mike O’Sullivan, Senior Director, Product, Index Exchange. “The addition of a third common domain through DigiTrust, a well-known and trusted coalition of key independent publishers and platforms, amplifies our scale and reach for the ultimate benefit of consumers. We’ve done a tremendous amount of education separately on the importance of reducing user sync activity, and we’re pleased to join forces for an improved digital experience.”

With this integration, the Advertising ID Consortium’s open identity solution now includes the following common domains: Open Ad-ID (, The Trade Desk’s Unified Open ID (, and the DigiTrust ID (, which facilitate easy synchronization of user IDs to improve the delivery of relevant marketing to consumers. As part of their agreements, Consortium members will prioritize the use of one of these three domains. The collective existing scale of these identifiers, combined with the amplification from its membership, ensures that, for clients of Consortium members that want to utilize the benefits provided by the Open Ad-ID, the Consortium’s people-based identity solution will offer vast scale, global reach, and meaningfully-improved consumer experiences.

“DigiTrust offers a highly-scaled identifier for IAB Tech Lab members to use with their proprietary systems in lieu of ID syncs,” said Jordan Mitchell, SVP of Membership and Operations, IAB Tech Lab. “It’s clear DigiTrust and the Advertising ID Consortium are both focused on creating a better experience for consumers, more financial support for publishers, and increased efficiency for buyers. We’re excited to see the Consortium integrate the DigiTrust ID in its efforts to improve our industry.”

“The recent alignment of DigiTrust and the GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework under the IAB banner feels like a positive and significant step for our industry,” said Daniel Spears, Programmatic Director, Guardian News & Media. “We’re pleased to hear that the Advertising ID Consortium will now be participating in DigiTrust via the IAB Tech Lab also, creating a path to neutral governance of identity and user preferences.”

The Advertising ID Consortium gives members the ability to select a partner aligning best with their regional and federal regulations. All participating companies are required to comply with the law, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and all relevant self-regulations.

About the Advertising ID Consortium
The Advertising ID Consortium is an open and independent organization comprised of companies spanning the digital advertising industry that provides an open identity solution for the ecosystem. Founded by AppNexus, Index Exchange, and LiveRamp in 2017, the Consortium enables buyers and sellers of programmatic advertising to leverage people-based marketing to create more relevant campaigns and improve user experience. For more information, visit us at

About IAB Technology Laboratory
The IAB Technology Laboratory (“Tech Lab”) is a non-profit research and development consortium that produces and provides standards, software, and services to drive growth of an effective and sustainable global digital media ecosystem. Comprised of digital publishers and ad technology firms, as well as marketers, agencies, and other companies with interests in the interactive marketing arena, IAB Tech Lab aims to enable brand and media growth via a transparent, safe, effective supply chain, simpler and more consistent measurement, and better advertising experiences for consumers, with a focus on mobile and “TV”/digital video channel enablement. The IAB Tech Lab portfolio includes the DigiTrust real-time standardized identity service designed to improve the digital experience for consumers, publishers, advertisers, and third-party platforms. Board members include AppNexus, ExtremeReach, Google, GroupM, Hearst Digital Media, Integral Ad Science, Index Exchange, LinkedIn, MediaMath, Microsoft, Oracle’s Moat, Pandora, PubMatic, Quantcast, Telaria, The Trade Desk, and Yahoo! Japan. Established in 2014, the IAB Tech Lab is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco and representation in Seattle and London.