Meetrics’ Ad Attention Solution Now Provides Viewability Metrics for YouTube Ads

London – Meetrics today announced the introduction of viewability metrics reporting for YouTube Ads and Google Video Partners (GVP) across all devices. By leveraging its partnership with Google, Meetrics was able to develop a solution underpinned by privacy and security for YouTube’s end users. Viewability metrics play an important role for advertisers in the assessment of media investments.

At launch, Meetrics will offer industry standard viewability Measurement for YouTube video ads (i.e. verification of impressions that have at least 50 percent of its pixels on screen for two or more consecutive seconds). Advanced viewability metrics, including audibility and viewable time on screen, will also soon be made available.

“Meetrics is now able to provide viewability reports for advertisements running on YouTube, which is good news for our advertisers and partners,” said Philipp von Hilgers, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Meetrics.

About Meetrics

Since 2008, Meetrics is providing solutions to enhance the quality of online marketing, contributing to a more transparent and effective digital ecosystem. In addition to measuring the visibility of online ads, Meetrics provides control over advertising environments, audiences, and fraudulent ad placements. Meetrics is the first European company to be accredited by the most relevant industry body, the Media Rating Council, for Sophisticated Fraud Detection, Mobile Web and In-App Viewability measurements. Global leading companies trust Meetrics’ products and services.